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The “upsetting” future we are in: How I created a “photographic” image without even thinking about it


You see that image above? I trained ChatGPT to learn my photography style and to translate it into the right prompts and parameters to generate new AI images on Midjourney. I can now generate any landscape image I want with the style I want, even with the camera setup I want, without me even have to think about how to do this.

YES…this is upsetting! YES this is NOT Photography. YES…this has nothing to do with Sony gear, a part of the fact I can use “emulate” Sony camera settings and Sony lens settings.

But hear me out why I think this is crucially important for you as a photographer. Hate this AI technology as much as you want but I am sure of that:

  1. AI generated images will become soon indistinguishable from photography. They will have the same quality, they can even be trained with the style you want (Bokeh, colors, sharpness, filters and so forth)
  2. AI generated images will replace some parts of photography (like Stock photography).
  3. You can in future edit your REAL photos with AI technology, creating some new kind of hybrid images (my video about this here)

So when I post those AI threads my goals is that we all learn how it will influence our business. It will never KILL real photography, but it will certainly influence it. I will soon show you how I train ChatGPT to learn the style from Sony lenses and cameras. In the meantime if you are interested to see how I train ChatGPT for Lanscape “photography emulation” check out this video:

To everyone saying I should not post this stuff on SAR:
You can use your photography skills and “emulate” Sony gear to generate AI images. Moreover your real Photos can be used to train AI and edit your photos. So this WILL sooner or later be part of your workflow. It’s not something I like, but I will try to see how to navigate this revolution in a way that it suits my needs as a photographer.

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