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The Vlog camera market has doubled since the launch of ZV-1 in June 2020


BCN+R has an article on sales trends of cameras for Vlogs by manufacturers. This is the Google translated summary made by Digicameinfo:

  • There is a category that attracts attention in the struggling camera market. A camera for Vloggers. Sony took the lead. In June 2020, we released the compact camera “VLOGCAM ZV-1” equipped with a 1-inch sensor. created a new market. After that, Panasonic and Nikon entered the market. In the index where June 2020 sales volume is set to 1, the market expanded to 1.88 in September, nearly doubling.
  • The impact of the ZV-1 release was great. In June 2020, the first month of its release, it ranked first in the overall camera sales ranking. Ranked 7th in sales volume. After that, in the compact camera category, it became a big hit, maintaining the number one position in terms of sales for 14 consecutive months from the month of its release.
  • Sony’s “ZV-E10” took over the popularity. In the first month of its release in July 2021, the unit price was 80,500 yen. Despite being an interchangeable-lens camera equipped with an APS-C sensor, it was nearly 20,000 yen cheaper than the compact ZV-1, and it was also a big hit.
  • Following Sony, Panasonic also launched the “LUMIX G100” in August 2020, entering the market early. Although the specifications were similar to the ZV-E10 released by Sony later, sales were sluggish.
  • Nikon entered the market in August with a bullish price of over 110,000 yen “Z30”. So far, it’s sold as well as Panasonic’s G100. Considering the price, it’s a decent start.
  • As of September, there are only 4 models of cameras for Vloggers, but sales account for 7.4% of the total camera market. It has become too big to ignore. Cameras for Vloggers can be expected to become even more exciting in the future.
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