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This camera uses the brand new Sony 150 Megapixel medium format sensor (shoots 604M in High Res mode)


The Chinese company announced a new camera featuring the brand new Sony 150 megapixel sensor. The camera is meant for FPD detection, PCB AOI, file scanning, etc. and it has one interesting feature: In High Res mode it takes 605 Megapixel images!

Here is the press text:


MV-CH6040-10XM camera adopts Sony® IMX411 sensor to provide high- quality images. It uses CXP-6 interface to transmit non-compressed images in real time, and its max. frame rate can reach 1.45 fps in full resolution.

Key Features:

  • Resolution of 28416 × 21280, pixel size of 3.76 μm × 3.76 μm.
  • Supports 151 MP or 604 MP resolution mode.
  • Adopts ISP algorithm to improve image quality.
  • Supports FFC correction and 16-bit ADC output.
  • Adopts CXP-6 interface to transmit data.
  • Compatible with CoaXPress Protocol and GenlCam Standard,
    and third-party software based on the protocol and standard.


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