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This is the prototype of thw world’s first MonsterAdapter LA-KE1 Pentax K mount to Sony E mount autofocus adapter.


Monsteradapter is working on the world’s first autofocus adapter for Pentax J lenses. What you see is their first prototype. And this is the google translated press text:

On October 28, 2020, Monster Adapter (Magic Ring) is pleased to release LA-KE1 electronic adapter ring products.
The LA-KE1 mount has a built-in aperture and dual focus motors. It is the world’s first K-mount autofocus electronic adapter. Pentax brand KAF series mount lenses can be transferred to Sony E-mount micro-single cameras, and it supports most functions of KAF series mount lenses including EXIF ​​transfer, auto focus and aperture control.

Features of Monster Adapter LA-KE1:
1. The world’s first K-mount autofocus adapter ring. Let K-mount lenses realize auto focus and automatic exposure control on E-mount mirrorless cameras;
2. Full-frame design, bringing more than 10 modern full-frame digital bodies for K-mount AF lenses;
3. Unleash the true potential of the lens. Through the powerful focusing ability and focusing accuracy of the mirrorless camera, the true sharpness of the lens can be displayed. You will be amazed by the stunning performance of the lens in your hand;
4. The powerful continuous focus function, through AI recognition, allows the K lens to continuously track the target.
5. Close to full-screen focus point coverage.
6. Human eye focus/pet focus.
7. High-speed continuous shooting and focusing. From K-1’s 4.4 frames per second to at least 10 frames per second, you won’t miss the wonderful moments.

Main features of LA-KE1:
1. The adapter is compatible with KAF, KAF2, KAF3, KAF4 type lenses*1;
2. It can identify the lens model and transmit EXIF ​​information to the body;
3. The adapter has a built-in aperture motor, which can support exposure aperture control*2;
4. The adapter has a built-in focus motor, which can support the auto focus of the body-driven lens;
5. After the transfer, the lens can achieve hundreds of focus points and eye tracking focus on the Sony body that are not available or limited on K-mount cameras*3
6. Due to the noise and power consumption of the old lens, this adapter is specially designed for photography and photography and is not optimized for video recording.

LA-KE1 has now entered the internal testing stage and plans to be available within this year. For information about lens support, time to market, and price, please pay attention to the follow-up update of the Mohuan official website Weibo.

*1: In the early days of the market, the adapter will mainly support early body-driven autofocus and traditional lever aperture lenses (F, FA, DA, DFA series). In the future, support for lenses with built-in motors (SDM, DC) and electromagnetic iris lenses will be gradually added through the adapter firmware update. The specific support time will be notified separately; A and M series lenses before KAF are not supported by this adapter;
*2: If the lens has an aperture ring, the aperture ring needs to be placed in the A position when using it. Otherwise the adapter will enter the MF mode and cannot auto focus;
*3: Depends on the body performance, please refer to the camera manual for details.

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