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This is unexpected: Panasonic will also launch a new Full Frame mirrorless system camera on September 25


Rendering of a GH5 camera with Full Frame sensor and FF sensor (just a rendering and not the real camera!!!)

Well dear SAR readers, in one single month three manufacturers will launch a completely new Full Frame mirrorless system camera: After the Nikon Z and the Canon R we will also get a new Panasonic FF mirrorless on September 25!

There are no specs yet but for sure Panasonic is a very challenging competitor in the video arena. Maybe that’s why Sony is waiting to launch the new Sony A7sIII? They are probably going to watch what’s coming from Canon and Panasonic before to launch their next Full Frame camera. Makes sense from a strategic point of view.

I really wonder how Panasonic can survive the battle between the two giants (Canon-Nikon) and the runner-up (Sony). I wonder if Olympus and Ricoh will make some sort of FF camera too…

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