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This might be the future of the photography business: Kurt Cobain’s photographer sells his entire photo collection as NFT


A new way for photographers to earn money is to sell their Images on NFT platforms. This is what Kurt Cobains photographer is doing! He is selling all his pics at

If you want to create NFT of your photos the easiest way is this:

  1. You need ETHER to enter the network: If you want to buy a collection or if you yourself want to enter this market you have to first convert your FIAT in Ether tokens using an exchange like Coinbase (Click here) or Binance (Click here).
  2. Choose a NFT platform to tokenize your work: The easiest platform to join is Opensea (Click here). You have to pay some fees in ETHER to create your NFT. And if you sell it there is a 2.5% fee to pay to Opensea.

This market is like Internet in the early 90ies. It’s full of promising projects but this also means many of them will fail. I am doing my first steps on platforms like Opensea and Foundation.ap (only on invitation). But I plan to be make more serious steps into this starting form next month…because there is a cool news I will report to you about a completely new NFT platform for us photographers…stay tuned ;)

If you don’t know what NFT means here is an explanation via Shutterstock:

NFTs are digital assets whose ownership is verified by thousands of computers around the world using blockchain technology. Turning a regular digital asset into an NFT is called “minting,” which “tokenizes” the digital asset on the blockchain. NFT’s are sold using cryptocurrency, so the buyer and seller need a cryptocurrency wallet to participate in the transaction.

The digital asset itself is no different than non-NFT media, but its verification on the blockchain gives owners of the NFT legitimacy. While some people may buy NFTs because they like the content, many are treating NFTs as speculative assets, which are purchased because they may increase in value and sold for profit. With many NFTs selling as one-offs or in limited quantities, the digital scarcity increases the value of an NFT over time.

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