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This patent shows the first images of the new Sony Drone camera!


Well I just found a brand newly published Sony patent describing a foldable drone camera. And it’s quite innovative as you will see:

The image below shows you the Drone folded:

You then detach the cover part which is actually a full touchscreen remote device!

The touchscreen device is used to fly the drone:

And obviously you can use the screen to zoom in and zoom out on the subject:

The camera also has the Sony famous “Eye-AF” function we all know from Sony Alpha cameras:

There is also a variation of the patent with a bigger drone:


There are no specs of any kind and no info about the Image Quality. But to me it makes a lot of sense for Sony to do this. They have the sensor technology, the autofocus technology and lens technology from the Alpha series. And why not use an E-mount on the drone similar to the DJI Zenmuse? That would be nice :)

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