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This week SAR readers photos selection.


Anders Wotzke
Eye of the storm
A7II + 16-35mm f/4
35mm f/11 1/200 ISO200

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Martin Diller
a stormy evening in steckborn (switzerland)
“sony alpha 6000” and “sony sel 10-18 f/4 OSS”
ISO 100, 10 mm, 0 EV, f/6,3 1/15s
by: martin diller
facebook: “seensucht”

Kai O’Yang‎
At Cloudehill, taken with Sony A7R, Voigtlander Super wide 15mm Heliar III lens. ISO 640, F/11, 1/100s.

Kelly Padgett‎
Sony A7II
35mm F/2.8 CZ
I believe i shot this one at 2.8. This is inside a pagoda that i frequent often here in Ho Chi Minh City. Just as i got set up to shoot the rain came, and they closed the opening in the roof eliminating most of the natural light in this part of the pagoda, which actually worked to my benefit. I purposely shot these very dark. My edits are done in LR, a bit if split toning and a curve wash that gives it that hazy look to it. If you want to see the rest you can visit this link and have a look.…/saigon-vietnam-this-is-a-plac…
P.S. the lines are straight, but so many things here in Vietnam are not built straight or level, you have to find one item (in this case the alter) and work from that. Things also can not be moved around, so you have to shoot them as they are and work with what you have.

Mathieu Legrand‎
Jump ! Sony A7II + Canon Mp-E65

José Ramos·
“Synchronicity” Kirkjufell, Iceland
Sony a77 + Sigma 10-20mm
Aperture: f/11
Shutter speed: 30 seconds

Mike Van Schoonderwalt‎
One of the Calatrava bridges in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. Shot with A99, with Tamron 24-70 @ 30 mm, f11, ISO 100, 1/320

Jake Jung‎
“Pink Pavement”
α6000 + SEL1670z
Fallen cherry petals in Kagawa, Japan

Ole Martin Handeland
Sony A7 II with the Sigma 150-500mm f5-6.3 for Canon mount (fully open and zoomed at 500mm). Taken at the opening of Hafrsfjord in Stavanger, Norway.

Jonathan Ferland-Valois‎
Siwash Rock, Vancouver. A6000 + SEL3518 @ f/11, multiple exposures.

Pedro Santos‎
A7r + FE 35/2.8

Bruno Vais‎
Sony A7R
It took a while for the sun to decide whether to come out of the clouds or not, but when it did it was magical.

Andreas Elste‎
Sony A7 + Minolta 17-35 2.8-4
@24mm | F3.2 | 1/200s | ISO100 smile emoticon

Meng Keat‎
Pacu Jawi, traditional cow race in Padang, Indonesia.
Best view here:

Davide Atzei‎
A7s 5 long exposures merged.

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