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Totally wild (and likely fake?) rumor about a new PAID(!) A7sIII firmware update


This is a rumor I got from an anonymous source. I have no clue if this is true or not, and statistically it’s unlikely that those kind of anonymous info is correct. SO KEEP IN MIND THIS MIGHT BE TOTAL BS ok?

But the info he shared was so unusual I thought it was worth of discussion:

I work for Sony Imaging Solutions. Earlier this week I saw a presentation file that detailed a forthcoming update for the A7S III. I know you have been talking about missing features from older bodies in the wake of cine camera firmware updates, and it looks like something may be happening, or at the least it is being discussed internally.

The slides showed two updates future firmware updates for the A7S III… A1 was not mentioned…

The first was labeled ‘Professional Filmmakers Update’ and listed true 4K DCI, 24p recording , focus map, CineEI, in-camera anamorphic desqueeze, LUT importing, instant function menu, and standby movie function. A price was listed of $370 USD for the update package.

The second was labeled as Ver. 3.0 and listed focus breathing compensation. This update did not have a listed price on the slide, but said 07/23 as the date.

Just thought this might be something your readers would be interested in!

The interesting tidbit here is that for the very first time Sony would offer a paid software update on an Alpha camera. It could potentially be a satisfying solution for both, the company and the customers: The customer would get the option to max out the performance of the camera they own by adding new features if needed. While Sony would get paid for their work on improving the currently available cameras.

While this rumor might be completely BS I think it’s still worth to discuss it. And let us all know if you think this would be a good idea:

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