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Two off brand news: Canon shifts focus on Mirrorless while Nikon says 100 megapixel FF cameras will eventually arrive


Canon and Nikon will eventually do their big FF mirrorless move sometimes by end 2018. But so far we have no clue if they are going to launch a system camera with a new mount or just keep their current mount and remove the optical system from their DSLR.

From the CP+ show we only got these two small news:

Canon confirmed they are now shifting their resources from DSLR to Mirrorless (more at Mirrorlessrumors).
And Nikon said eventually 100 Megapixel FF cameras will arrive. There is no diffraction limitation that can stop this from happening. (more at Mirrorlessrumors).

It’s hard for me to guess what they will do. I bet their management is tempted to take the easy road and just make mirrorless-DSLR (LOL). Doing a new mount would mean they would have to develop a completely new range of lenses. Something that takes years and they would have to play a long catch up game with Sony.


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