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Using Mamiya 645 medium format lenses on an A7r (Guest post by Austrokiwi).


This is a Guest post from Guest post from Austrokiwi (first posted on SonyAlphaForum).

I read with amusement the complains of those who say there are not enough lenses for the sony FF e-mount system.  I get the impression the people who complain about the lack of lenses are;

  1. Just envious Nikon and canon owners who are looking at a means to knock the mirrorless revolution.  Perhaps they just want to sound intelligent  when saying they will not switch to mirrorless.
  2. Professionals who tend to blame their tool and  simply lack the old analogue skills. ( they are technicians rather than artists)

I,m an amateur so I guess the pros will say the A7r is made for me!!! That’s not to say the camera isn’t without its frustrations. I take macro photos and that shutter has me saying lots of naughty words  at times. Lets hope there is an A7RII  or the A9 with an EFCS  as well as the IBIS.

I use a range of lenses on the A7r, Old minolta legacy lenses an EOS mount Petzval( thank you Lomography) as well as microscope objectives and enlarger lenses. For my macro photography I wanted a tilt shift system. Of course I wanted a wide angle Tilt shift as well . The compromise was  to order a Mirex Tilt shift adapter ( A truly simple  effective piece of engineering). Following the some discussions with the manufacturer( I had started out thinking the Mirex would be best as a M42 mount)  I settled on a Mirex Mamiya 645 -EOS adapter which of course is fitted to the A7r via an EOS – Nex adapter.  The result isn’t beautiful but the results are. I then purchased two Mamiya 645 lenses  a 35mm wide angle and the 80mm macro. Heres a shot of the 80mm macro in action:

This is the sort of picture it produces:

The 35mm ( Mamiya Sekor C 35mm F 3.5 N) produced this test panorama:

And with the tilt function:

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