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(SR1) The Impossible rumors… (16mm f/1.4, A5300 and GH5 competitor)



This is a new chapter of the “impossible” rumors I received form anonymous source. Please read the note at the bottom to learn what those “impossible rumors” are.

Source 1:

I just received news of a new E lens today, and it’s a bit of a strange one. 16mm f/1.4 and it’s shaped similar to the 55mm f/1.8 but just a little bit longer in physical length. Apparently retailers already have photos of this lens.

SAR note: I really don’t think that 1) the rumor is correct and 2) that would even make sense to make such a lens!

Source 2:

Sony has an A7 series video technology in works with improved cooling and 4K video data rate at 10 Bit 422. There is no need to introduce this new technology too soon, but decision may be revised depending on GH5 sales.

Source 3:

I heard that the successor to the a5100 is coming down the pike. Maybe October-November.


Notes on those kind of (im-)possible rumors:

  • Fake rumors sent by so claimed sources that are known to create fake rumors are NOT included. What you see here are messages I got from unknown sources where I have no track of any “rumor history”
  • It’s by readers request that I create this sum up of low ranked rumors. But please remind all that these are not rumors from trusted sources and don’t count me accountable on those kind of very low ranked rumors :)
  • The last year a couple of those rumors were right (RX1rII and A6300 specs). So miracles sometimes can happen :)
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