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Voigtländer 35mm F1.2 Nokton SE review by Marc Alhadeff


Marc Alhadeff from SonyAlphaBlog tested the new Voigtländer 35mm F1.2 Nokton SE lens and concluded:

The Voigtländer 35mm F1.2 Nokton (1000 euros) is a special lens: it offers super soft background blur and smooth transition from the area in focus to the ones in the blur
It provide a very nice rendering for portraits with glow for close portraits shoots
Closed down to F2.8 , centre sharpness increase a lot and it keeps a nice soft background
Buyers of this lens will mostly use it between F1.2 and F2 for its unique rendering and will maybe complement it with a Voigtländer 50mm F1.2 Nokton , if you prefer a more classical large aperture 35mm like the excellent Sigma 35mm F1.2 DG DN Art

Very good background blur
Soft transitions
Glow effect at f1.2 if you like it
Excellent sharpness in the centre as of F2.8
Good bokeh wide open
Very good flare resistance
Nice sunstars including at F1.2
Low distorsion
Small and light
EXIF transmission
Build quality is very good
Vignetting very low as of F2

Strong vignetting at F1.2 and F1.4
Bokeh in polygons when closed down to F2 and beyond

very Bad CA , still visible at F4
Corners sharpness

You can preorder the new Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 SE lens at BHphoto.

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