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Washington post: Noisy cameras make trouble in NBC debate hall…with the exception of the Sony A9


The Washington Post reports that during the NBC debate hall:

NBC producer picked up on the whirring sound of the cameras. A directive was quickly relayed: No shooting unless it coincided with audience applause

Luckily Times photographer Doug Mills and other Beltway photojournalists had the Sony A9 camera:

The A9 is a mirrorless apparatus that makes no sound. It came in handy for Mills on Wednesday night. He was in the second shift that was allowed close to the stage. “When I got there,” recalls Mills, “the woman who was from NBC said, ‘Hey, you can’t shoot.’ I explained to her my camera was mirrorless and she was like, ‘Why doesn’t everybody have one of these?’ So then I just kept shooting.”

“I had a great advantage,” says Mills.

Cool :)

SAR note: Please no political comments on this matter. Thanks!

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