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This week SAR readers photos selection


Uldis Plinte‎
A7 II + FE 28mm f/2 @ f8 + Tiffen Variable ND + Smooth Reflection: 8 shots

1) Submit your picture with a message and picture here: or on the SonyAlphaForum image section.
2) Like and comment the pictures from other readers here: and on SonyAlphaForum.
3) A selection of most liked pictures by the community and by me SAR admin will be posted weekly on SAR.

Note: When sending a pic feel free to also add a link to your site to promote yourself!


‎Frank Deckmann‎
Sundown and surfing.

Spotter84 at SonyAlphaForum
The child who talks to the sea / A6300 + Canon FDn 50 1.4 / LR, VSCO

PHW on SonyAlphaForum
We are having a torching heat wave in southern california right now.The sunset, behind a hazy seascape, is fully soaked in bloody mary.

Denartwork on SonyAlphaForum
Sunset in the Baltic Sea
Lens ZEISS Batis 2.8/18, camera Sony A7II.

‎Andreas-Joachim Lins‎
Sony A7rII // Zeiss Batis 85mm @F1.8 // ISO 100

Yasin Muhammad‎
Hey there again guys! Experimenting with lighting in between shots, and really liked how this came out.
Instagram @yfmphoto

Sergei Gavrilov‎

Andrej Pavlin‎
Path to Piran
Sony a6300 & SELP18-105

‎Martin Matte‎
My best shot of my trip to the Austrian Alps this year. This is Hallstatt shot with the A7II, 16-35 FE lens. If you want to see more, check out Flickr ( or 500px (

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