This week SAR readers photos selection


Alan Griffiths‎
Sony a6300 – iso 100 , f11, 61″, zomei 10 stop filter. Location – Dovercourt lower light house.

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‎PF Bentley‎
Aloha 2017. Kepuhi Beach, Molokai.
A7R3, 16-35GM, 20 seconds @ F8, ISO 200


PF Bentley‎
Moonset over Maunaloa, Molokai this morning. A7R3, 70-200. One exposure for the moon, one exposure for the trees. Blended in Photoshop.


PF Bentley‎
The classic sunset at Papohaku Beach, Molokai tonight.
A7R3, 70-200, 1/3200 F4 ISO 200.


jozef13 on Sony Alpha Forum
Remembrance of last summer. A580 minolta 100 mm macro.
Because of some other expenses, Ihave not the financial this time to buy the 90 mm macro for my A7,so must do it with my old 580 and my still much older minolta.


Danze on Sony Alpha Forum
Huangshan, China
I won this holiday to Huangshan in China back in November 2017, it’s easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It was a lot of stairs climbing but totally worth it, just want to share this here.
Sony A7rII 24-70mm f4
24mm f13 1/100s ISO100, handheld


RathPhoto on Sony Alpha Forum
Winter Hiking, Waterfall. [A6000 – Samyang 12mm]
Went on my first winter hike on Jan 1. Went to one of my favorite trails and it’s stunning during winter.
Here’s one shot from the hike.


PHW on Sony Alpha Forum
Christmas sunrise. Captured sunrise on Christmas Day, at Point Reyes, California.
Happy New Year to all.


PF Bentley‎
Northwest coast, Molokai.
A7R3, 16-35GM, 1/3 second @F14, ISO100 ND 10 stop filter.


‎Bendik Langfeldt‎
Winter landscape of Norway
A7ii and 55F1.8