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What f/1.2 (or faster) FE lens should Sony release to debunk the Nikon Z mount argument?


At Photokina Sony clearly said that a larger mount is not required to make fast high quality lenses. This is an argument Nikon keeps using to hammer on the E-mount. And today reports a statement from a Nikon manager claiming the new 58mm f/0,95 is made to show what can be done with the new Z-mount. The lens aims to match or even surpass the performance of the Zeiss Otus lenses. The manager also said the lens has no autofocus as its goal is ultimate optical performance.

Well, I guess there is only one way to debunk this Nikon argument. Sony has to make a state of the art fast lens! So let us know if you would prefer a f/1.2 autofocus lens like this new Canon 50mm f/1.2 or an even faster manual focusing lens like the Nikon 58mm:

If you could pay $3000+ for a fast lens which one would you buy?

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