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What Sony Manager “X” Says About A And E-mount Future…

What Sony manager “X” says about A and E-mount future…

A person I highly trust talked to a major Sony manager (I cannot unveil his name). Now as usual the info spilled out by such “managers” have to be taken with a grain of salt too. They often “hide” or sometimes even really don’t know exactly what’s going to happen in the near future. But the info he shared was the following:

1) Many FE lenses have a larger Filter size because it’s more practical for video usage. And Sony wants to make lenses that can suite well both kind of customers: Stills and Video photographers

2) A High End E-mount FF (rumored to be named “A9”) is indeed on the roadmap for a 2015 release. But he doesn’t think it will be announced from here to March. Before the A9 Sony will announce the price and release of the new FE lenses.

3) In the Sony managers region (can’t name it but it’s big) 80% of the interchangeable cameras they sell are E-mount and only 20% A-mount. Most A-mount cameras sold are A99’s.

4) According to him Zeiss, Sigma, Tamron and other third-party lens makers have more interest in making lenses for the E than for the A-mount system. Mainly because the E-system has little to offer while there are plenty of A-mount lenses around.

5) A-mount sales are just enough to cover initial development costs. While the money is coming from E-mount.

6) There will be new and “updated” A-mount lenses that will mainly focus on improving the lens usefulness in video.

I repeat it. Take that info with a grain of salt. But this is the kind of info that the manager (and likely other too) are spreading around when talking with customers and business partners.


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