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Sony press conference on February 13 at 11:30 Tokyo time.



The big CP+ show starts on February 12 with the companies press conferences to announce their new products. Sony will actually have their press conference on February 13 at 11:30 Tokyo time (Source: CP+ pdf file). Hiroki Nagahama from Sony will talk for 45minutes and the title of his speech is:

“The world of super-high sensitivity of α7s, and the technology of supporting it”

Sony will surely release the new FE lenses and likely also show an updated FE lens roadmap. My trusted sources got reliable info on new cameras like the High Megapixel E-mount FF, A7000, RX curved sensor camera. But they could not tell me yet when Sony will actually announce them. I am yet not sure Sony will announce one or more of these cameras at CP+. Sony lately has quite a strange policy to announce their camera AFTER the big shows like it happened with the A7II that has been announced 2 months after Photokina. Still, I am confident at least one new camera is coming at CP+ :)

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