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Why I think the Nikon D800 uses a Sony sensor…


Sony 36 megapixel sensor got a lot of praise from reviewers and the Nikon D800 is the most sold digital camera for over three weeks now (Click here)!

I am surprised how many (Nikon?) readers sent me (not so nice) messages to say that the Nikon D800 doesn’t use a Sony 36 Megapixel sensor. As you know Nikon itself always claims that they are using their own sensor technology and this lead someone to believe I am talking bullxxxx :) While I certainly think Nikon is putting some of his own tech knowledge on the sensor development I am pretty convinced the basic sensor technology has been developed and fabricated by Sony. Here I am writing a post to tell you why I “think” it is so:

First story: It is proven that Nikon is using Sony sensors in some cameras. The D7000 sensor for example has a big “Sony” stamp. The guys from Chipworks dismantled the Nikon camera and here is the picture:

Second story: It’s actually pretty ease to see that Nikon and Sony are almost always sharing the same resolution on APS-C and FF cameras:
24 Megapixel Full Frame sensor on the Nikon D3X and Sony A900
16 Megapixel APS-C sensor on Nikon D7000 and Sony A55
14 Megapixel APS-C sensor on Nikon D3100 and Sony A560
12 Megapixel APS-C sensor on Nikon D300 and Sony A500
10 Megapixel APS-C sensor on Nikon D3000 and Sony A330

Third story: So why do I “believe” the Nikon D800 uses a Sony sensor? The same trusted sources that shared to me the correct [shoplink 8461]A77[/shoplink] sensor info also sent me the 36 Megapixel Full Frame info back in June 2011 (Click here to read the original post). They also told me the sensor would be used first in a Nikon camera. So was is just luck that Nikon came out with the D800 having a 36 Megapixel Full frame sensor? :)

In summary: Of course this is a rumors site and you absolutely have to take the news I write for what they are…just rumors. Sometimes I can be wrong, no question! But it’s common use to share technologies between companies even if it looks like they are strong enemies (see Samsung Apple patent battle story). I strongly “believe” Sony is behind that 36 Megapixel sensor and that’s why I will post some D800 test hee on SAR. I “suspect” Sony will come out with a Full Frame camera with exactly the same sensor and with at least a 99% similar RAW performance. Now let’s hope Sony will not wait too long before to release the new FF cameras!

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