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WILD RUMOR: New Sony RX100 rumored to feature a new wider 20-200mm wide angle lens?


UPDATED: Three different anonymous sources sent me this:

Source 1:

Sony will announce a new RX100 before the olympic games.
The sensor stays the same 20MP sensor
The major upgrade is in the Lens. It will feature a new 10x zoom lens of 7.4-75mm
Other minor improvements include:
The external connections will be unified to USB C
The internal flash is replaced by a hot shoe
Revised controls with one additional button

Source 2:

I wanted to share that Sony developed a new wider angle lenses for large sensor compact cameras. It will start at 16mm or 20mm (6 / 7.5mm real focal distance).
I am not sure if this will be for a new product or an overhaul for the RX0, Rx10 or RX100.

Source 3:

The case will see the first major case redesign in years.
The built in Flash is removed, but a new flash box (as big as a matchbox) powered by the camera will be introduced.
Also a new grip/tripod with a spare battery will be introduced along the camera
The camera will have the newest AF modes
it will record 4k60 for 5min.
USB C is accompanied by Mic and Headphone jack
Introduction of a new live streaming mode via WLAN
New built in beauty mode also in video
One additional button on the back and one on the top

There are actually two versions of the lens designed. A 20-200mm f2.8 and a 16-50mm f1.4.
Now the sad news: Because of the corona outbreak production that was supposed to start in Jan/Feb is delayed for at least for months.

Please note that I marked this rumor as “WILD” which means no trusted source has yet confirmed it. So take it with a big grain of salt. If you can confirm or deny this rumor please drop me a message using this anonymous contact form or by contacting me at

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