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Wild rumors roundup: A9s, A7sIIIa, 36MP APS-C and 200mm GM.


About those rumors: I have no idea who sent them and 90% of the times they turn out to be wrong. But, it happened in the past that a couple of those were right. So I will post them today, and we all together can eventually keep track of this. If one of the sources turns out to be right than we will know we can trust it a bit more!

Source 1:

SONY’s New ”Speed” Camera ILCE-9S will be released after Canon EOS R3. Cause Both the EOS R3 and ILCE-9S are using a 20 MP level Sensor and cheaper than the ILCE-1.

Source 2:

Alpha’s New Hi-End APS-C features 36MP Exmor R Sensor

Source 3:

soon the sony lens with a 200 mm focal length will be available. The Lens comes in 2 different versions, and it will be distributed to the first amabossers very soon. The first demo models and press models are already prefabricated

Source 4:

Looks like it is not impossible sony brings A7S3a and A1a before A7iv ..

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