The lens suprise: Zeiss 50mm and Silver 16-50mm pancake (and NEX-6 preorders in Europe)


We had a big and a small lens surprise. The big one is that Sony announced the development of the new Zeiss “Planar T * 50mm f/1.4 ZA SSM Full-frame lens. It’s based on the classic Zeiss lens that exists in different version like for example the 50mm Planar for Nikon and Canon (Here at Amazon). Filter diameter of the SSM lens is 72mm. The lens will be release in Spring 2013 and there is no price info yet.

The other smaller surprise is the Silver 16-50mm E-mount pancake. There is no info about the availability nor preorder for that lens now. The Black version can be preordered at Amazon, Adorama and more links at Alphacameradeals (Click and than scroll down)

European Sony preorder links Europeans like me have a much harder time to find preorder possibilities:
NEX-6 links to JessopsWex Uk, Wex Germany, Sonystore DEUKFRITESNLCH (Click on the nationality code to open the sonystore site).
A99 preorders at Jessops, Wex UK, Wex Germany.
VG30 at Wex Uk.
RX1 at Wex UK, Wex Germany.
10-18mm at Wex UK.
16-50mm at Wex Uk.
35mm at Wex UK.
VG900 at Wex UK.
Let me know if you can find more!

New Sony Accessory: Damn, not only cameras and lenses but also a huge amount of new accessories has been announced and an overview can be seen at Amazon (Click here). Longer accessory preorder list of course on Alphacameradeals.

A99 competition rumor. The Nikon D600 having a 1500 Euro price tag was fake. CanonWatch (Click here) posted the real info. 2100 Euro (very likely $2400) is the price.