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February 26, 2014
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Sony closes 20 stores in USA.


Well, two anonymous sources told me about this a couple of days ago and now it’s official (sorry sources If I didn’t post it in time on SAR). Sony US will close 20 of their own stores!

This is the official press text from Sony:

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Electronics today announced plans to restructure its organization to maintain its competitiveness in an evolving consumer electronics market.

In line with Sony Corporation’s Feb. 6 earnings announcement outlining an estimated headcount reduction of roughly 5,000 employees globally, Sony Electronics confirmed a total staff reduction of one-third by the end of the calendar year, affecting approximately 1,000 employees across all sites. In addition, in an effort to further streamline costs and continue focus on existing partner relations, Sony announced the closure of 20 U.S. Sony Stores

“While these moves were extremely tough, they were absolutely necessary to position us in the best possible place for future growth,” said Mike Fasulo, President and COO of Sony Electronics. “I am entirely confident in our ability to turn the business around, in achieving our preferred future, and continue building on our flawless commitment to customer loyalty through the complete entertainment experience only Sony can offer.”

Sony maintains its position as a leader in the electronics industry, pushing the limits of innovation with products and experiences exclusive to Sony. It continues to drive its industry leadership in premium products across all of CE, including all-things-4K, and further plans to reinforce its market leadership through strengthening its 4K product lineup and bolstering 2K models in 2014, with a continued commitment to the future success of its U.S. television business. The company will place an increased focus on its premium products – including its digital imaging line, high-resolution audio, and full suite of professional solutions – while leveraging its strengths in hardware, content and gaming.

There are no further details at this time.


February 26, 2014
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The Sony 4K future just started: Sony Z2 can record 4K video. Sony 4K mirrorless camera coming soon

Sony 4K: One of the few certain things we know for 2014 is that Sony will add full 4K video on many of the this year new A and E-mount models. And yesterday Sony announced the new Xperia Z2 (specs here at Amazon) which shoots 4K videos!

Sony 4K camera: And a new Sony 4K mirrorless camera (no SLT!) will be announced in about one month. It will neither have an E nor an A-mount. A-mount cameras with 4K will be announced a couple of months later.


February 25, 2014
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Competition news: Newly announced Nikon D4s can go up to 409,600 ISO.

This time we don’t have a new Megapixel race. It’s a complete ISO madness :)

Today Nikon announced the new Nikon D4s (specs here at Amazon) which uses a new 16 MP sensor and goes up to 409,600 ISO. This isn’t a revolutionary camera. It has plenty of small improvements and a nifty price tag of $6,500.

Sony flagship:
Sony never had a sort of flagship camera like the Nikon D4 series or Canon EOS 1D series. And honestly I never got any realibale rumor about such a Sony Flagship camera that could comepte against them. Sony’s focus is on the development of $2,000-$3,000 Full Frame cameras rather than $6500 FF.

Would you really suggest Sony to make such a high End DSLR, pardon SLT, pardon A-mount mirrorless cameras? :)

February 23, 2014
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Hasselblad CEO Larry Hanssen gets replaced.

Ex-Ceo Hannsen with Buzz Aldrin at the Lunar launch event (Source: Hasselblad).

AP reports that “Hasselblad has confirmed it has appointed a new CEO to replace Dr Larry Hansen, the man who oversaw the launch of the firm’s first Lunar compact system camera, developed in a tie-up with Sony.“.

We don’t know yet if this has to do with any strategy change or if it’s just a personal matter.

February 23, 2014
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New game: Find the errors on Sony websites :)

Well, not only is Sony confusing customers by naming all A and E-mount cameras “Alpha”. Also their websites in US and Europe contain plenty of errors. So let’s make a game out of! Let’s start with this one: Click over at the FE 70-200mm Sony US page (Click here). Let’s see if you can find the (BIG!) mistakes on that page. And let’s see how long it takes for Sony to remove them.

Note: If you find other sites with mistakes feel free to send them to me at I will keep doing this until Sony removes all errors. With a bit of fun we can help Sony to improve their sites :)

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