More Lens Turbo tests…


TheMartists (Click here) posted a full Lens Turbo Canon FD review. It’s a very well written test you have to read if you consider to buy it! Another test has been posted by Ney001 on Flickr. Overall it looks like the Lens Turbo cannot match the quality of the more expensive Speed Booster. But I hope we can see a direct comparison soon! P.S.: the original Metabones Speed Booster has been officially launched in Japan (DC.Watch).

It certainly isn’t fair, but most of the Chinese Stores sell the Lens Turbo with the “Speed Booster” title. SO if you search for “Lens Turbo” on eBay (Click here) you get 9-10 results. If you search for “Speed Booster” (Click here) you find zillions of adapters! So be aware that the official Meatbones Speed Boosters can be found here: