August 9, 2012
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What’s the strategy behind the A99 (via Top Sources)


I had many conversations with my top sources about the upcoming A99. It is very interesting to share the “philosophical” aspects behind the A99 release.

First the A99 is a result of a research made two years ago. Sony asked pro photographers and video makers how they should make the A99 in order to make it a successful camera. The main request was a camera that would have PRO Video quality and support. It should outclass the 5DmarkII an the current 5DmarkIII in that matter. Sony managers and engineers than decided to develop not only an A99 with pro video quality recording but a whole system that can support the camera. So what we will see soon is not just a camera, but a new kind of thinking hybrid still and video in one system. The camera is more mature than the A77. It is all about af speed, video quality, fast and high resolution EVF technology, well thought accessories and clean image quality.

The new Hot shoe, the new Flash Light (with continuous LED light) the new battery grip are all newly developed with photography AND(!) film-making in mind. Maybe this will become the real first professional Full Frame hybrid camera that will bring us a step closer to the merging of the photo and video world.

I think Sony took a wise decision to follow this route. It’s the only way to break the Nikon and Canon hegemony in the Full Frame world. Now let’s hope the A99 can really acheive the goal. The devil as usual is in the detail. And Sony can’t afford to make any mistakes here!

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P.S.: A higher resolution and more “photo” oriented FF camera will follow in 2013!
P.P.S.: As usal sorry for my bad english. But I hope you got the message!

August 8, 2012
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(SR5) Sony makes the perfect NEX? NEX-6 with new(!) 16 megapixel sensor!

A year ago Sony launched the NEX-7 and I remember quite many readers here said why the heck Sony is using a 24 Mega-pixel APS-C sensor? Many here wished to see a version with lower resolution sensor (and cleaner High ISO). And indeed Sony heard your call and the new NEX-6 with integrated viewfinder will use a 16 Mega-pixel APS-C sensor. And from what I heard the sensor is not the same 16 MP sensor of the Sony NEX-C3, Sony NEX-5n and so on…it’s a completely new one! The camera has WiFi and is priced between the NEX-5 and NEX 7 series. Easy math: the NEX-7 is $1199 (at Amazon) and the NEX-5n is $699. So around $950 for the NEX-6 I guess :)

I have been told there is more innovation than we think within the NEX-6. I am working on these rumors too. Stay tuned!

Sony NEX-6 with 16MPX for $950. A great camera?

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

August 8, 2012
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(SR5) New Flash with continuous LED light coming along the A99. Hot Shoe is “hybrid”

I am getting more rumors from Super trusted sources:

1) A new HVL60 flash is coming along the A99 in September and it will have a super unique feature. Continuous LED light which is perfect for video recording! He said that also the new A99 vertical grip has some unique features.

2) The new hotshoe will be IAS combines with ISO hot shoe, so that a99 can use both ISO flashes and IAS video accessories from Handycam.


More rumors coming in eveyr hour…I am working to post everything as soon as I can! P.S.: Help me to push the SAR fabeook site :)


August 8, 2012
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Sony has to learn a lesson from Canon regarding firmware upgrades…

For some unknown reason Sony has slowed down the work on the firmware updates of cameras like the NEX-7 and A77. It’s just my guess but I think that Sony engineers were now focused on the development of the new NEX-5R and NEX-6 cameras. But this is not the way to go Sony! We all trusted you when buying our Sony SLT or NEX that you would keep fixing and improving our (sometimes very expensive) cameras. If you make us happy you will earn trust and we will spend even more money into the system!

The recent Canon 7D firmware upgrade shows how Canon did take care of the user requests. A nice article about the Canon lesson has been posted by David Kilpatrick. It’s a must read for all Sony managers! I hope the good SLT and NEX sales success will now convince the Sony managers that we need a long time customer support.



August 7, 2012
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Hmmm….an impossible lens rumor?

Guys I don’t know what to think about this. While the source of the info usually posted good info I think there may be some mistake here. So I don’t know how to rate it. The source posted this on an Asian forum called Sonysdf (Translation here).

The source claims that unlike my previous rumors the 16-50mm has a constant f/2.8 aperture! P.S.: I would be happy to see he is right! That is my main doubt on the list you see below. The list includes E and A mount lenses:

E16-50 F2.8 OSS
E11-18 F3.5-4.5
A50/1.4 SAM with all time manual focus
A50/1.2 ZA Planar SSM
A70-400 GII

If that is true than it sounds sooooo good :)

Reminder: In USA You can get up to $200 instant savings on those Sigma lenses:
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$75 off on the Sigma 24-70mm at Amazon and BHphoto.
$100 off on the Sigma 70-200mm at Amazon and BHphoto.
$50 off on the Sigma 70-300mm at Amazon and BHphoto.

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