December 10, 2012
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(SR5) no A1x, two APS-C SLT, roadmap change from End 2013 towards (Some personal notes and some rumors)


Let me begin with a personal note. After posting my direct message to one of my sources on SAR I got few critics from readers and I am here to explain you a couple of things:

1) A critic was that I posted the message to the source to make some sensationalism.
What can I say….most sources uses the anonymous contact form and sometimes the only way to ask them something is to post a message on SAR. That’s it, there is no other way. If you feel like I am not honest than simply ignore this website. But 99% of you know me well for being the first posting correct rumors like for example about the SLT technology. I remember how many attacked me when I insisted for one year that Sony would launch a SLT camera. Same for NEX and same for the FF NEX I am talking about now. Even recently when I said the VG900 with FF sensor would be launched I remember plenty of posts saying I was “sensationalist” because FF NEX is not possible..where are you now? :)

2) Another critic said…just post everything you know!
There are two reasons why I dont’ do this:
a) If I would post everything my credibility of this site would be like zero. You are here not because you want to hear all the rumors I get (many of them are simply not correct). You are here to get a possibly reliable idea of what’s coming next. Of course I am not perfect! Sometimes even trusted sources get not so correct information and many sources do not speak English and it’s not easy to translate correctly their message.
b) I have some key info that I do not post yet because I use it to check if rumors I get from other sources are correct or not. In the long term it’s very important for me to have multiple sources rather than be “sensationalist” and post everything I get at the moment I get it. This measure has many benefits a) I can recognize which new source is a “real” source b) In the long term I can count on multiple sources c) I can check if Sony (or someone else) is deliberately spreading out false info.

The current Sony rumor situation:
So please just accept that I need time to give you SR4-5 rumors. Sony indeed completely revolutionized their roadmap. And while I am waiting to get more info all I can tell for now is that it sounds like a very good and clear roadmap made to sincerely compete against the big ones. With the current economic situation Sony simply has to be as honest as possible with what they can or can’t do. As I told you before an SLT camera with the same 36MP sensor used by the Nikon D800 wouldn’t have been the dealbreaker. Simply because it comes long time after the D800 release and it would have been probably be as (or more) expensive as the Nikon. That’s why I can say it with a SR5 reliability that the A1X 36MPX SLT FF camera prototype has not been approved for final market release and mass production. And there is also no plan to introduce a cheaper A95 SLT FF. For the first half of the year you can expect the launch of plenty of A and E mount lenses, certainly an entry level NEX and two (or more) APS-C SLT cameras. The revolutionized roadmap I talked you before will take effect from end 2013 towards. And all I can promise is to post some of that highly sensible info as soon as I have the feeling I am correct about it. Once again, I repeat…there is reason to hope for some very nice surprise! Also Canon and Nikon guys may love what’s coming :)

So stay tuned on SAR, you will NOT regret it!

Big hug from Andrea!

Join our little new eBay search tool project . There will be soon an amazon version and a dedicated Sony search page. Thanks :)

December 9, 2012
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New Sony RX100 news roundup…

Ireland shot on the RX100 from Sam Brosnan on Vimeo.

You voted the RX1 as camera of the year (results can be seen here). I confess to have voted for the smaller (and cheaper) Sony RX100 :)  The video on top is made by Sam and shows how great the RX100 is for video.

Digitalcamerareview also tested the Sony RX100 and writes: “Sony rightly observes that the RX100 would be an outstanding choice for a DSLR owner who wanted a pocket-size compact camera capable of producing high-quality images, but you don’t have to own a DSLR or even shoot in anything but fully automatic modes to enjoy the benefits of fine image quality from this new Sony.

The RX100 sells for $649 in US but I have found one single new camera for $589 on eBay US (new!). An RX100 super kit with plenty of stuff is sold for $648 by FocusCamera via Amazon (Click here). Unusual for a Sony camera is also the huge amount of reviews you can read at Amazon (183!). Yep, while the RX1 is certainly impressive the RX100 has the advantage that most of us can actually easily…buy it :)

RX100 links roundup:
RX100 price search links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
Cases: Official Sony LCJ-RXA case, Gariz case, more leather case.
Batteries: NP-BX1 Battery.
Special stuff: Multi-Coated LENS ARMOR UV. Magfilter at Amazon (Click here). RX100 filter adapter on eBay (Click here)

December 9, 2012
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Save up to $300 on all Sony APS-C SLT cameras!

On top: The message appeared at Amazon today.

The Sony Santa Claus appeared today to offer you a saving of up to $300! Youc an chekc the full details at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here).

Now that is a nice deal! Only thing missing is a $300 price drop on the A99!

December 9, 2012
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SAR readers mail and work roundup…

It’s Sunday and I show you some of the links to work done by our SAR reader with their Sony cameras. enjoy!

Rob:Just wondered if you’d be able to share my work alongside some of your other readers work? Im a 17 year old music photographer based in Leeds, UK, and shoot nothing but Sony! I was lucky enough to get runner up in the NME music photography awards, and, with me being such a genius, started showing off my lovely A77 to a small Asian man at the awards ceremony, only then to realise he was the MANAGING DIRECTOR OF NIKON! oops :’)

Ryan:Here’s a little video I did using a Sony A77, all hand-held, manual focus. From the Global Rallycross Final, Las Vegas. Thought your readers may be interested.

Roderick:just like to share with you and your readers some food photos i shot tonight in hong kong using the a99v with my favourite little 50mm macro. i am really impressed with the combinations’ low light performance.

Khristopher:all videos shot on the Sony α580 by:

Lee: “Work done with Sony cameras:

Andrew:I have just added a bunch of NEX6 and 10-18mm images on my blog. Feel free to post the link if you think it is worthwhile. And thanks for the great work!

Baron: “”We rented a gym and engaged 2 professional kick boxers to explore the capabilities of the FS700. Watch how our fighters muscle bulge and ripple as they throw punches and kicks at each other. Here is the link to our film: Kickboxing fight in Slow Motion Here is the link to our blog with review and write-up of the FS700:Kickboxing in slow motion with Sony NEX-FS700

Steffen: “Ich hätte hier vielleicht etwas für Deine Website – es ist nicht wirklich ein Rumor, aber es passt total ins Konzept. Hab einen Drehbericht geschrieben zur Sony FS-700, mit der ich mit Sony Carl-Zeiss Alpha-Optiken im Guerilla Stil den Anfang für einen Feature Film gedreht habe, ist sicher für die Zielgruppe interessant, auch wenn keine brandneue Kamera drin vorkommt. Hier er Link zu Vimeo und zum Bericht (auf englisch, für alle verständlich):

Omari:After having a NEX-6 revelation Saturday night, I wrote the following piece yesterday and posted it this morning, called “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NEX-6″:  I fully expect to sell prints of work that I’ve shot with the NEX-6, so I’m happy to have it in my bag of photographic tools.

Something else: Hugo:Hello that is not a rumor but an info the A99 Availibility in DXOptics is announcend to 01/13

December 8, 2012
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(UPDATED) New NEX-5r and NEX-6 Gariz case (and ref Rokinon stuff).

The luxury leather case producer Gariz announced a new case for the NEX-5r. You can buy it (and see more pics) on their eBay store (Click here). There is also a Light Brown (Click here) and Brown (Click here) version. Gariz has also some other little leather accesories for the NEX-5r like lens cap and bags (look here via Slidoo eBay).

UDPATE: Gariz also released three different NEX-6 case: Brown (Click here), Black (Click here) and AllBlack (Click here). (full list at Slidoo).


P.S.: USA refurbished deal:
Rokinon (via Slidoo eBay).

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