February 27, 2015
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Sony Tidbits…


Real-world test: the Sony a6000 goes surfing with Chris Burkard

Sexy: A7S + Voigtlander Nokton 35mm 1.2 at SonyAlphaForum.
Best Sony E-Mount Lenses for Portraits, Landscapes, and Street Photography (SonyAlphaLab).
Tamron 15-30mm toma de contacto (DSLRmagazine).
Sony Aims at Automotive Cameras (Image Sensor World).
A7 MK II + lots of legacy lens (Pantip).
Voigtländer 40mm Nokton f1.4 test at SonyAlphaForum.
A Comparison of How Olympus and Sony’s 5 Axis Stabilization Work (ThePhoBlographer).
Subal Sony Alpha 7 Housing: First Look (DivePhotoGuide).
A Comprehensive Guide to Camera Lens Design and Zeiss Nomenclature (iLoveHatePhoto).

Luke:Just thought that I share a short video I shot this weekend with new Zeiss 16-35 F4 on my A7s. All of the footage is handheld using Hondo Garage’s Pop and Lock (an invaluable tool that I can’t recommend enough http://www.hondogarage.com/index.php/product/landing/the-pop-and-lock-travel-rig. https://vimeo.com/119634534. I am quite pleased with the results and am happy with how sharp this lens is even completely wide open.

Bernard:A new test has been added for the Sony A6000 with a Rokinon 7.5mm lens. For over a year, people visit the site to compare different possible combinations of cameras and lenses for panoramic photography. The addition of the Sony A6000 complements the range presented on the site. A modification was done on the Sony A6000. Improve the standard Sony E-mount with the Fotodiox TOUGH E-Mount. This all-metal mount replaces the two-part mount that comes with most Sony E-mount cameras. Of those two parts, the actual mount that holds the lens is made of plastic, which is susceptible to wear and lens movement. By removing four screws, taking out the two mount parts, and inserting the TOUGH E-Mount, you give your camera a stronger and more durable lens connection. Of all sets that have been tested by quebecpanorama, the Sony A6000 with Rokinon 7.5mm lens is the one that offers the best value for money. The impressive quality, coupled with the ease of transportation, seduced us, so it became the official QuébecPanorama set. http://quebecpanorama.com/en/kits/view/rokinon-7.5mm-for-sony-sony-a6000

February 26, 2015
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Up to $109 free extras with the A7/r/s cameras sold at BH and Adorama



You get some free stuff with the A7/r/s cameras sold at BH and Adorama:
Free battery and case with the A7 at BHphoto (Click here).
Free battery and case with the A7s at BHphoto (Click here).
Free case with the A7 at BHphoto (Click here).
Free Rode mic, cleaning kit and SD card with the A7s at Adorama (Click here).
Free bag, cleaning kit and SD card with the A7s at Adorama (Click here).
Free case, cleaning kit and SD card with the A7r at Adorama (Click here).
Free bag, cleaning kit and SD card with the A7 at Adorama (Click here).

February 26, 2015
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More pricing info and ebay preorders on the new Sony FE lenses.


Shenikon now unveiled the price of the new FE lenses through their eBay store:
Zeiss FE 35mm f/1.4 for $1,729 (Click here to see it).
Sony FE 24-240mm lens for $1,099 (Click here to see it).
Sony FE 28mm f/2.0 lens for $459 (Click here to see it).
Sony 16mm Fisheye Converter for $319 (Click here to see it).
Still missing is the 90mm macro lens price.

Not that all prices are in Dollars but sold by a Hong Kong store. US prices in US stores may be different! That said I even cannot confirm yet if those prices are correct. But we will know it very soon! Stay tuned on SAR!



February 26, 2015
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Surprise: New Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 FE lens already on eBay. Ships on March 13 for $1,729.


Very surprising to see that. But eBay store Shenikon is already accepting preorders on the new Zeiss FE 35mm f/1.4 lens via their official eBay Store (Click here to see it).

Shenikon writes:

This is a brand new, unused and unopened Carl Zeiss Distagon T* FE 35mm F1.4 ZA Full-Frame Wide Angle Lens. It is made in Sony E Mount for all Sony mirrorless digital cameras. It comes with lens hood, tripod stand, lens case, front cap, rear cap and user manual and all original packaging.
This is a pre-order. Item will be shipped on or before 13th March 2015. If you have any question or want to combine shipments, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

I would be surprised to hear that’s a mistake made by them. I really do hope this means all four new FE lenses will ship from March 13.

February 26, 2015
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Using Mamiya 645 medium format lenses on an A7r (Guest post by Austrokiwi).


This is a Guest post from Guest post from Austrokiwi (first posted on SonyAlphaForum).

I read with amusement the complains of those who say there are not enough lenses for the sony FF e-mount system.  I get the impression the people who complain about the lack of lenses are;

  1. Just envious Nikon and canon owners who are looking at a means to knock the mirrorless revolution.  Perhaps they just want to sound intelligent  when saying they will not switch to mirrorless.
  2. Professionals who tend to blame their tool and  simply lack the old analogue skills. ( they are technicians rather than artists)

I,m an amateur so I guess the pros will say the A7r is made for me!!! That’s not to say the camera isn’t without its frustrations. I take macro photos and that shutter has me saying lots of naughty words  at times. Lets hope there is an A7RII  or the A9 with an EFCS  as well as the IBIS.

I use a range of lenses on the A7r, Old minolta legacy lenses an EOS mount Petzval( thank you Lomography) as well as microscope objectives and enlarger lenses. For my macro photography I wanted a tilt shift system. Of course I wanted a wide angle Tilt shift as well . The compromise was  to order a Mirex Tilt shift adapter ( A truly simple  effective piece of engineering). Following the some discussions with the manufacturer( I had started out thinking the Mirex would be best as a M42 mount)  I settled on a Mirex Mamiya 645 -EOS adapter which of course is fitted to the A7r via an EOS – Nex adapter.  The result isn’t beautiful but the results are. I then purchased two Mamiya 645 lenses  a 35mm wide angle and the 80mm macro. Heres a shot of the 80mm macro in action:

This is the sort of picture it produces:

The 35mm ( Mamiya Sekor C 35mm F 3.5 N) produced this test panorama:

And with the tilt function:

Follow the full discussion at SonyAlphaForum.

February 25, 2015
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Sony releases a new firmware udpate for the 4K E-mount FS7 camcorder.



Sony announced that it will release a new firmware update for the FS7 in March. What’s new in firmware Version 2.0:

1. Expands audio recording to four channels audio at 24-bit, 48 KHz.
2. Supports DCI compliant 4096 x 2160 XAVC-Intra-frame recording up to 60 fps.
3. Adds HD Apple ProRes codecs to enable progressive and interlaced HQ and 422 recording.
4. Eliminates “Magenta Cast” in WB preset mode.
5. Renames “Color Temp <P>” menu parameter to “Preset White”
6. Eliminates need to re-enable “Steady Shot” after power ON/OFF cycle.
7. Retains “Paint Menu” settings after power OFF/ON cycle.

FS7 store links:
Sony PXW-FS7 body only at BHphoto, Adorama and Amazon.
Sony PXW-FS7 with 28-135mm lens at BHphoto.
Sony VCT-FS7 Lightweight Rod Support System for PXW-FS7 at BHphoto.
28-135mm at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto.
28-135mm powerzoom in Europe at Sony DE, UK, ES, IT, FR, CH, AT, NL, BE, FI, SE, NO, PT.
Sony 128GB XQD Memory Card G Series 400MB/s at Adorama and BHphoto.
Sony 64GB XQD Memory Card G Series 400MB/s at Adorama and BHphoto.
Sony 32GB XQD Memory Card G Series 400MB/s at Adorama and BHphoto.

February 25, 2015
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Small good news on the A7II: Gets rid of the “ghosting” issue.


A7II with Gariz case

SAR reader Wojciech pointed out one good news regarding the new A7II:

Fotopolis posted full sony A7 II test. Interestingly with  A7II  sony solved problem of fatal focal strong light sources reflections (ghosting) observed at the peripheries of the A7 frame (sensor) during night shots. And they did it without removing AA filter. It is rarely mentioned by the testers.

Good to hear at last!

More A7II news:
ePhotozine posted a full review and writes: “improved handling as well as built-in image stabilisation make the camera better than ever
Boon:I’ve tested my friend’s Sony A7II and have posted about this from a A7R user’s perspective: http://myphotojourney.co.uk/sony-a7ii-impressions/
Jason: “MetaBones just released a new firmware for their EF-NEX Adapter making it compatible with the A7II  plus a slew of biz fixes mainly (for me at least) resolves issues with the sigma 50 Art lens. Firmware can be found at their website and clicking on the EF-NEX Mark IV adapter, then firmware.
Paul:Amateur hand held video with sony a7ii, zeiss 55mm & zeiss 16-35mm. http://youtu.be/6TGVjLtH6fk

USA/Canada A7II links:
Sony Alpha a7II (Body Only) for $1,698 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, SonyStore and Sony Store Canada.
Sony Alpha a7II with FE 28-70mm OSS Lens for $1,998 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, SonyStore.
Sony 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G SSM II Lens for $1,148 at BHphoto.
EU A7II links:
Sony Alpha a7II (Body Only) for 1.799 Euro at Sony Germany, Sony UK, Jessops UK, Sony France, Sony Italy, Sony Spain, Sony Austria, Sony Switzerland, Sony Netherland, Sony Belgium, Sony Portugal, Sony Sweden, Sony Finland, Sony Norway.
Sony Alpha a7II with FE 28-70mm OSS Lens for 2.099 Euro at Amazon Germany, Wex UK, Jessops UK, Verkkokauppa.
Asian/Australia A7II link:
Sony A7II at Sony Store Australia, Digitalrev and Amazon Japan.
A7II Gariz case:
You can get in Black (Click here)Brown (Click here)Orange (Click here) and Camel (Click here).


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