December 6, 2012
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Save $140 on the Sigma 30mm 1.4. Update on the Sony RX1 availability at Adorama.


The current Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC got a $140 rebate at BHphoto (Click here). And there are still some ongoing Sigma and NEX deals at Amazon (Check that deals overview page).

And the wrong Sony RX1 in Stock status info at Adorama (Click here) now got fixed. They now marked the product as “Available for pre-order – Shipping; in Limited Quantity“. Helene from Adorama was kind enough ot post a comment on SAR:
We DID receive a delivery; our automated inventory system would have shown them in stock when they were unloaded and scanned into our system. However, as we had more back-orders than units delivered, there are back-orders still to be filled when we get our next delivery. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an ETA from the manufacturer.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

December 6, 2012
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Short new project presentation Slidoo -> may be ideal to find your RX1 now :).

I linked to the Slidoo website a couple of times but it’s about time to explain you why I am doing it…it’s actually a new SAR and 43rumors creation.

Eight months ago we rumors guys decided to develop a new website that might be useful for you. It’s an easy eBay search and notification service named I guess most SAR readers do use eBay to search and find stuff. Slidoo is an eBay approved application that has full and fast access to their database.

The reason why we did Slidoo are:
1) With the sliders it’s much easier to set price and condition of the search. And results do change live while you slide! No need to wait until page gets reloaded.
2) The use of real time sliders helps you to compare different kind of searches (for example by switching from “used” to “new” you easily get an idea of the price difference).
3) Once you have set you search parameters you can save the search and get notified when a new product pop ups within the settings.
4) Also eBay offers a saved search service but a) it’s difficult to manage (to have to click through two times before to see the list) b) you cannot set the notification parameters. On Slidoo you can chose to get notified in different ways (email-facebook-twitter-or nothing) and with different frequency (once per day, multiple times per day and never).

Example of some Sony searches I stored:
Sony RX1 (Click here). I did set a minimum price of $910 to cut off all that cheap Asian accessories I don’t need. Once an auction breaks the $910 barrier I will get notified. Easy! Recently I found some RX100 cameras for less than $600 and I saved the search with “new” and “buy it now” conditions.

Login and set your country:
Of course you can set a different country for your basic search. Just login to change it for example to UK or Germany in the notification settings page. If you set Germany than the Location slider will adapt and you will have the “Germany-Europe-Worldwide” options while as USA you have “USA-North America-Worldwide”.

It’s Beta! What’s coming next:
The service is still in beta testing and I would invite you to join and test it. You can quickly become member using your same facebook or twitter account. So you will not have to keep in mind new login and password data.

This is a fast changing site and a Slidoo Amazon version is coming too! Tablet and Phone version will follow in Spring. Feedback is welcome and you can send it to You don’t know how many nights we spent to think on this. I really hope you will find it practical and useful for a daily use! Link to the webiste:

Andrea and the other guys and ladies that worked on this (Ale, Melle, Elena, Mate and Richard).

December 6, 2012
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Vote the Sony SLT-NEX-Cybershot camera of the year!

We are almost done with 2012!

Before the end of the world comes (Maya) I want to know what is the camera that excited you most! Is it the A99? The first professional stills and video hybrid camera. Or the excellent A57 which packs a lot of features for the relatively low price. Than we have the NEX-6, the cheaper NEX-7 that has some nice features the NEX-7 has not. The Sony RX1? An innovative and super small Full Frame camera. Or the RX100 that fears no competitor in his class?

You choose! Please take time before you vote. And let us know in the comments why you picked up the camera you voted! Thanks!

Which is the most exciting Sony camera of the year 2012?

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December 5, 2012
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The translucent mirror patents.

If you were ever curious about the detailed specs of that so called “translucent mirror” used for SLT cameras than just take a look a Patent Number 8313254 (via freepatentsonline). It explains the material used and the reflective characteristics of the mirror: “the light-beam splitting mirror has spectral characteristics including a reflectivity of 25% or more and 35% or less at all wavelengths from 400 to 650 nm and a reflectivity of 60% or more at a wavelength of 700 nm

Have fun reading all these tech!

December 5, 2012
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Some A99 price drops in US (-$150) and Europe…

The first small price drops in Germany: Source: Idealo.


We have a first deal on the A99. You save $150 on BigValue (Click here). Or A99 superkits offer for the same price as the body at Buydig (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).
Login our little new Slidoo eBay site and save this A99 search to get notified on eBay deals.

There have been an official 40 Euro price drop in Germany at Wexphotographic. If you like to take risks than there is a Luxemburg’s store selling the A99 for 2650 Euro on eBay (Click here) and for 2450 Euro at UKbnsuk (Click here). Both write that there are no import taxes to pay.
Check out Slidoo Europe to find and/or get notified on eBay A99 deals.

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