March 5, 2011
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(SR2) Photographers are testing the A77/A800

I just received an anonymous message from a photographer. This is NOT one of our trusted sources but I thought to post it anyway because I (and maybe also you) do have some question for him and I can only made them through this article. Here is the text he sent to me:

I am photographer working for Sony testing and I just received the pre launch version of the Sony A77/ A800 for bug fixing and stuff. Just want to announce, the camera is VERY close to being released now!

The question to the source: I would love to hear some “general impressions” about the A77 after your testing. Is the image quality much better than on the A55? Are you satisfied with the video quality? Do you think it’s the best APS-C camera to date (compared to the Nikon D7000, and Pentax K-5)? I know it’s impossible but….is there some kind of hybrid technology a là Fuji X100 (Click here ot see that camera). Thanks!

For SonyAlphaRumors readers. If you have some questions comment this post. Don’t ask him specs as he will probably not share them…and we already know them or not? ;)


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March 4, 2011
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Sony TidBits

Sony F3 has 800 ISO native and 6400 ISO equivalent at 18dB gain (Provideocoalition).
Sony HX100V: primeras impresiones y muestras (Quesabesde).
Sony DSC-HX7V hands-on at
Sony DSC-HX5V is in Stock for $242 at Amazon (Click here).
Secrets of the Sony A55 (Thesybersite)
DxO Optics Pro v6.5.5 now supports the Sony A33.
Panasonic GH2 Review (with comparisons to Sony A55) at seriouscompacts.
Sony Alpha DSLR-A560 review at Imaging Resource.

March 4, 2011
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Sony NEX covers the end of the Space Shuttle Program

Dennis Biela contacted me to share his latest project he is going to realize with the help of the Sony NEX cameras:

Hi we have a project covering the end of the Space Shuttle Program and wanted to do 3D images for part of it. Problem is to get the spacing between the cameras correct to give the proper 3D affect and not give the viewer a headache. Plus even though Sony has a 3D effect built into the camera but it does not capture 2 images at the same moment in time one photo is taken then the camera moves and another photo is taken. Best solution we found for great quality and speed is 2 Sony NEX-5′s. One camera is inverted and we are using 2 Nikon 20mm lenses with Nikon to Sony E adapters. The cameras are fired though IR Bob Fisher the projects “Widget Guy” created the circut and the San Diego Air & Space museum restoration shop machined the bracket. Bob then put it all together. The small size and weight make working with two NEX-5 a breeze and no shutter lag.

Here is the various link to learn more about the project

our Facebook page

our funding page has a good video showing an overview to the project

SonyAlphaRumors wishes you good luck!

March 4, 2011
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Sony A77 or Sony A800 or something else? What will be the final name?

That waiting for the A77 is killing you and me! The very latest not so useful info I did receive was that Sony is now approving the REAL final name of the upcoming pro APS-C model. Since months we named the camera A77 but there could be still a surprise and Sony could name it differently (what about Sony A800?). On eBay there are already many stores placing there bet on the final name:
We get 9 results when we search for the A77 (Click here to see the search list) and we get 48 items when we search for the A800 (Click here).

The A800 name clearly reminds us that it is the Sony A700 successor. The A77 would  focus the attention on the translucent technology reminding us that this is the top model of the current A33 and A55 cameras.

So what kind of name would you chose?

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March 3, 2011
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Super Sony A580 deal at Amazon

Right now there are a few Sony A580 in Stock at Amazon with a $100 instant rebate (Click here to get it).
You also check the A580 price and availability at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.

Reminder: Sony A55 deals at Adorama (Click here). They are offering $100 instant rebates on many A55 double lens kits. If you need more than the kit lens only go for it!

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