February 19, 2013
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Last minute info: announcement tomorrow 4am London time?


The little confusion on the Sony A58 and NEX-3n announcement date continues. I just got a short notice that Sony have sent out two different announcement dates. One for Monday the 25th and one for tomorrow (Feb 20th) at 4am London time. I am not sure why the heck they sent out two different dates. In any case if you don’t live in London this means:

5am in the morning Berlin time zone.
11pm (23:00) in New York today (Feb 19th)
8pm (20:00) in San Francisco today (Feb 19th)
1pm (13:00) in Tokyo (Feb 20th).

if you can be online by 4am in the morning (UK time) on SonyAlphaRumors.com. I will be here to give you live updates on all new Sony cameras if there is one :)

Again, there seems to be a confusion around the announcement date and the cause seems to be Sony itself. So I don’t know if all cameras or no cameras or just one of the two cameras will be announced tonight or on Monday.

UPDATE: Another source told me the announcement is tomorrow while there seems that other countries got another announcement date.

February 19, 2013
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(SR5) Sony NEX-7n to be announced in one month!

With the recent price drops the NEX-7 is again back on the top of the most sold mirrorless camera list at Amazon (here is the ranking). So is that the right time to buy the camera? Nope! :)

Trusted sources told us that the new NEX-7n is going to be announced in one month and it will be available in stores by May. The new NEX-7n will look almost the same of the current NEX-7 but feature major changes inside the body. Every aspect has been improved and the main goal from Sony was to outperform the top MFT model like the Panasonic GH3 and Olympus OMD. Sensor, viewfinder and autofocus have been improved. I am working on the specs right now. And there may be some new E-mount lens too (like the Zeiss zoom).

Meantime keep in mind: Next Monday (Feb 25th) Sony will announce the new A58 and NEX-3n and three A-mount lenses (including the Zeiss). You should be online at 6-8am London time to follow my live coverage of the new products with links to reviews and tests. And one month after we will have an even bigger NEX related announcement with the new NEX-7n and probably some new high quality lenses. The A77 successor will come right after the NEX-7n. In short, stay tuned on SAR! Don’t miss any rumor and subscribe the RSS feed (Click here) and Twitter (Click here) stream and the Facebook fan page (Click here)!

P.S.: Thanks to all sources sending me the NEX-7n info. Give me some time to double check them before I post them on SAR. And you may help me out on the new E-mount lens info too? Thanks!

February 19, 2013
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(SR5) Sony A58: new sensor, new autofocus system and also new viewfinder!

I keep getting short updates about the next Sony A58. Not only will it be the first camera using the new generation Sony sensor (with 1 stop improvement) and a new autofocus system. It will also have a completely new OLED viewfinder. Got no info about what’s so new on that EVF. I hope sources can tell me more about this after reading this post! Thanks!

That little A58 sounds every day more interesting! And keep in mind, the announcement is scheduled for Monday February 25. Likely at around 6-8 am in the morning London time. So be sure to be online on SAR by that time! Will make a live coverage of the event!

February 18, 2013
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Samyang 24mm f/3.5 Tilt-Shift preorders now up at BH (for $999).

Short break from rumors guys! Finally the new Smayang 24mm T/S A-mount lens got a price ($999) and is available for preorder at BHphoto (Click here).

And don’t forget to take advantage of these US deals:

Deal 1) Save up to $300 on Qualifying Sony Alpha Digital SLR Cameras (Click here to see the Amazon page). The same deal is now running on BHphoto and Adorama too.
Deal 2) Save up to $200 on Select Sony NEX Compact System Cameras (Click here to see the Amazon page). The same deal is now running on BHphoto and Adorama too.
Deal 3) Save up to $100 on Select Sony Lenses (Click here to see the Amazon page).
Deal 4) Sony Cyber-shot Digital Cameras Starting at $79 (Click here to see the Amazon page).


via PR.

February 18, 2013
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(SR5) Full A58 and NEX-3n specs.

So it’s confirmed via Photorumors. The announcement of the new A58 and NEX-3n and the three E-mount lenses is definitely scheduled for next Monday (Feb 25th). Be sure to be online on SonyAlphaRumors on that day! As usual I will update you with all the live news and reviews I can find!

And here are the specs:

Sony A58:

  • 20MP Exmor APS-C sensor and 1 stop improvement over predecessor
  • OLED viewfinder with 100% coverage
  • BIONZ processor
  • Clear Image Zoom feature
  • Sweep panorama feature
  • ISO range: 100-16.000
  • 8 fps
  • Price for body with new 18-55mm SAM II kit lens $599

Sony NEX-3n:

  • 16MP Exmor APS-C sensor (same as NEX-F3)
  • ISO range: 200-16,000
  • 4fps
  • Tiltable LCD screen
  • Electronic zoom control
  • BIONZ processor
  • Built-in flash (GN6)
  • Available in two colors: black and silver
  • Price for body with 16-50mm kit lens $499

PR also agot the price for the new A-mount lenses:

  • Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 ZA SSM lens: around $1500
  • Sony 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 SAM II: around $200
  • Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6G SSM II: around $3000

PR also got a new info about the compact cameras:

  • Sony TX-30  with 18MP sensor, 5x optical zoom and price of $350
  • Sony WX-300 with 18MP sensor, 20x optical zoom and price of $300
  • Sony HX-300 with 20MP sensor, 50x optical zoom and price of $500

I cannot confirm yet the price of the new lens. As you noticed $3,000 for the 70-400mm lens would be way too high!

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