January 31, 2011
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New Sony A55, A580 and A850 reviews!

Reviewers worked hard this weekend and tested some of the best Alpha cameras!

First Neocamara posted their Sony Alpha SLT-A55 detailed Review: “Without a doubt, the Sony Alpha SLT-A55 deserves our highest rating and we really cannot wait to know how SLT cameras will evolve from here. For now, the A55 is a very compelling DSLR-replacement, particularly for new photographers and video enthusiasts.“. The final verdict is EXCELLENT.
Click on shop names to check the A55 availability and price: Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon.de, Amazon.uk, Amazon.fr

Than we found two new Sony A580 reviews. The first is from Neutralday: ““Biggest bang for the buck” is a term that’s used quite a bit, but it does seem appropriate in the case of the Sony A580“. The second review is from Cameraguide: “For about $800 the A580 provides the image quality and performance of cameras hundreds of dollars more, but does so in a very consumer friendly format“.
Click on shop names to check the A580 availability and price: Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon.de, Amazon.uk, Amazon.fr

CNET UK tested the Sony A850 fullframe camera: “Offering high performance at a relatively low price, the Sony Alpha DSLR-A850 is one of the cheapest ways to enter the world of full-frame photography. If you can afford it, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.”
Click on shop names to check the A850 availability and price: Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon.de, Amazon.uk, Amazon.fr

January 30, 2011
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Sony A560 tested at DxOmark

DxOmark added the test results of the Sony A560. As you can see from the image above the performance is very close to the NEX-5 whereby it shares the same sensor. The Sony A560 is currently in Stock at Amazon US (Click here) but not in Europe.

P.S.: Take a little bit of time to read the following article at Luminous Landscape: “An Analysis by Peter van den Hamer“. It explains how DxO tests the cameras. And those are just a few interesting info from the article:

  • newer models generally outperform older models. In particular, the newest APS-C models (Nikon’s D7000 and Pentax’ K-5 and Sony Alpha 580) outperform the older 1.3× sensors and even most full-frame (1.0×) sensors due to a significantly lower noise floor.
  • The performance of the mirrorless Sony NEX-5 is in line with its 1.5× APS-C sensor. Its mirrorless design and its use of an electronic viewfinder have no impact on image quality: a classic SLR swings its mirror out of the way during the actual exposure. So the lack of a mirror doesn’t affect image quality.
  • The Sony Alpha 55 , with its notable semi-transparent[4] mirror, performs roughly as you would expect given its APS-C sensor. But because its semi-transparent mirror doesn’t swing out of the way, 30% of the light never reaches the sensor. Note the performance gap between the Alpha 55 on the one hand and the Nikon D7000 or Pentax K-5 or Sony’s own Alpha 580: the higher score (lower noise) of the latter group could be explained[5] by the light diverted by the Alpha 55’s stationary semi-transparent mirror.

Via DxOmark

Thanks Chester

January 30, 2011
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Smart patent: How to add a foldable grip to compact cameras.

Today I had some time to read the latest Sony patents. I didn’t find anything about the future Sony cameras. But I found a patent that shows a genius way to add a grip to super compact cameras by simply…folding it! You can see more designs here: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7871206.pdf.

So was it worth to spend a Sunday afternoon for that? Nope :)  But I  always hope to find some cool stuff like I did last year when I found the translucent technology patent.

January 29, 2011
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Sony TidBits (Sony A580 review at Photoradar)

Sony NEX-5 Droidworx Microcopter UAV (via SonyAlphaNex).

Sony A580 review at Photoradar: “As an all-rounder performer it shines, with its high-resolution sensor and articulated LCD screen making it ideal for still-life photography, and its speedy focusing system and 7fps burst rate meaning that it’s not out of place when action presents itself either.

Sony Alpha 55: Lightroom vs DxO Optics Pro, duel of the titans at high ISO (Alpha Numerique).

DxOmark tested all manual Zeiss lenses (they are not available for Sony yet…but maybe in future…)

Sony NEX-5 vs Olympus E-Pl1 head to head at Tech.sina

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T99 Review (Steve Digicams).

Both Sony and Omnivision Might Supply Sensors for iPhone 5 (Image Sensor World).

Sony HX7V Hands-On Review (Photographybay).

Sony TX100V Hands-On Review (Photographybay).

A55 vs A850 high ISO shootout (Dpreview forum).

January 28, 2011
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Letsgodigital posts new pictures from the HX100V and the HX9V (no new NEX or Alpha at the CP+)

This is the third HX100V/HX9V leak within 10 days and this should be also the last one. The two compact cameras will be announced next week right before the start of the CP+ show. This also means that there will be no new NEX or ALPHA camera at the show. The only thing we can hope is to see a final prototype of the upcoming cameras. But that’s just a hope and nothing else!

Sony Cybershot HX100V at Letsgodigital
Sony Cybershot HX9V at Letsgodigital

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