April 23, 2012
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New NEX-7 versus X PRO1 versus E-M5 versus GXR.

The video on top is made by Kai from Digitalrev and shows a NEX-7 versus Fuji X PRO 1 and Olympus E-M5 comparison.

Bmupix (Click here) tested the Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 on the NEX-7 and Ricoh GXR. As you know the NEX-7 really needs high quality lenses and particularly the image borders risk to degrade much more than on other cameras with lower resolution sensor. Björn Utpott writes: “Comparing the 24 megapixel crops, it’s obvious that the NEX-7’s native 24 megapixel sensor is capturing more fine detail in the central area of the frame. As you move to the edge of the frame, the output from the GXR starts to match (or even exceed?) the resolving power of the much higher resolution NEX-7.
The Voigtlander lens can be found on eBay (Click here).

SonyAlphaRumor friend Mike Kobal (Click here) made a short NEX-7 versus Fuji X PRO 1 comparison.

Despite all buzz around the new X PRO and E-M5 the most sold mirrorless cameras at Amazon US remains the NEX-7: Amazon US (place 1), Amazon Germany (place 2), Amazon France (place 9) and at Amazon UK (18). Result do change hourly!

April 23, 2012
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(SR5) A99 in late August (with teaser coming in Summer?).

Image on top: The currently discontinued Sony A850 (via BH).

The last week I got multiple hints about the Sony FF strategy. And now I can start to share some bits of SR5 ranked rumors! :)

First, the FF buzz from these weeks happened because Sony now officially choose the final A99 specs. And it is already showing the camera to managers and some important photographers and dealers. The first thing to know is that Sony decided to announce the A99 (or whatever the final name will be) in late August! There will be on Full Frame camera only and the next FF camera is coming in 2013. So what will happen from now? Sony plans to show the camera to photographers and important dealers in May/June. We “normal” user may see some official teaser this summer. But if I will have some luck I may be able to show you the camera earlier :)

As I told you many times this is an SLT camera with improved Electronic Viewfinder. I am still waiting to get the final confirmation from my top sources but I know that one FF prototype had 24 Megapixel, 101 cross AF points, same articulating screen as the Sony A77. De facto it looks like the A77 but is just a bit larger. Price should be below the Nikon D800 (which costs $2999). But as I said, this was my latest info about the prototype version. I hope to get some news about the final approved version soon!

My personal two cent about that: I am no marketing expert but my “feeling” is that the camera could sell well if the price will be around $2500-$2600 (like the currently discontinued Sony A900). A new improved EVF, a Full Frame 24 Megapixel sensor with clean ISO and super speed AF and burst rate could be very tempting. Combine this with the new coming Zeiss lenses and I am in :)   The Nikon D800 (Click here) would remain tempting for customers in need for Optical Viewfinder or massive Megapixels. While the Canon 5DmarkIII (Click here) is priced too high for what it does (that’s again just my personal opinion backed by Amazon ranking sales you can see here). And now show Sony your A99 buying intentions:

Sony A99 with 24 MPX, 101 cross AF, improved EVF and priced at $2600. Would you buy it?

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P.S.: That said, stay tuned on SonyAlphaRumors, there is a lot I have to share with you! And don’t forget to follow the community on Facebook and news on Twitter!

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

April 22, 2012
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New Sony NEX-FS100 firmware now available for download.

And here it is the new NX-FS100 firmware update. You can download it at Sony PRO (Click here). The updates are:

  1. Added 50Hz recording system (PAL): 1920×1080 50p, 50i, 25p and 1280×720 50p.
  2. Camera Profile (camera settings can be saved to and loaded from a memory card).
  3. Additional 4x and 8x Expanded Focus magnification: (with user selectable focus area).
  4. Selectable ISO or GAIN sensitivity display.
  5. Selectable Focus indication in FEET or METERS (E-mount lens only).
  6. Selectable Shutter indication as EXPOSURE TIME or SHUTTER ANGLE.
  7. Added the following Aspect-Ratio markers: 2.35:1, 1.85:1 and 1.66:1.
  8. Display ON/OFF button enables Zebra and/or Histogram overlay onto video output.
  9. Compatible with the new A-Mount to E-Mount adaptor, model LA-EA2. One push Auto-IRIS and continuous 15-point, Phase-Detection Auto-Focus operation with most Alpha A-Mount lenses is available. Lens metadata is displayed onscreen and stored real-time to image file.

And now let’s hope the Sony NEX-7 firmware update is coming as next!

April 22, 2012
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USA deal: Sony 50mm for NEX in Stock again (Cameta and Amazon)

You still have to pay a $50 extra but at leats you can finally see the 50mm f/1.8 for NEX in Stock again at Amazon (Click here) and Cameta (Click here). And the NEX-7 is also in Stock as body only or kit at Amazon (Click here).

April 22, 2012
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Sony 36 Megapixel FF sensor versus Medium Format.

I know Nikon guys will hate me because I keep saying the Nikon D800 sensor is from Sony :) But if I am right Sony will release a camera with such a sensor next year! The amazing team from TheCameraStoreTV tried to figure out if that sensor can match the quality of medium format cameras like the Hasselblad H4D-40 ($18.000 on Amazon). Watch the video to find out the answer.

But if you are on hurry I will unveil you the final verdict. The medium format camera still has the edge when it comes to get superb skin tones and dynamic range (particularly in the highlight area). But in terms of resolution the 36 Megpaixel sensor is pretty close, in the shadow area it even beats the Hasselblad and it’s an absolute winner at High ISO.

A look into the future: Sony already officially stated that they are working on 100 megapixel FF sensors. I dont’ need that :)

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