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24-70mm GM review by Admiringlight: “I’ve never used a standard lens that is this sharp”


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Our friend Jordan Steele reviewed the new Sony 24-70mm GM lens. And his conclusion is:

The bottom line is that this lens is exceptional. I’ve never used a standard lens that is this sharp, and the sharpness is outstanding throughout the entire range and at all apertures and all focus distances.  It’s truly remarkable.  Throw in good (but not great) bokeh, outstanding color and contrast and very low CA and you’ve got a standard lens that can truly take the place of a bag full of primes.  While I personally can’t justify the exorbitant price for my own shooting, those who need a fast standard zoom will be hard pressed to find a better lens. Whether shooting landscapes, events or any other type of shooting, it’s simply an exceptional optic and a wonderful way to kick off the G Master lens line.

Sony reported that the lens got much higher preorders than expected. That’s why you it’s hard to find the lens in Stock. At the moment only Digitalrev (Click here) seems to have some of those. Anyway check the links here when the lens will be in Stock:

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