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New A6300 tests by Colby Brown, Anthony Thurston, Jeff Orig and tutorial from Tony Northrup.


Sony a6300 Overview Tutorial

We got some new A6300 tests. Above you can also find the tutorial video posted by Tony Northrup.

A6300 review by Sony Artisan Colby Brown:

The a6300 seems to hit all the right points for me and is an improvement in every way over the a6000. It improved on the already impressive Image Quality found in the a6000, allows for better ISO sensitivity, has a more robust and accurate AF system and has an EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) that rivals most top end OVF (Optical Viewfinders) out there. I also love the fact that the a6300 now includes some handy video features such as 4k (Super 35), 1080p 120 fps slow motion and an AF system that actually works incredibly well in video mode. Throw in the new weather sealed magnesium body and this sub $1000 APS-C mirrorless camera has a lot going for it.

Sony A6300 review by Anthony Thurston:

Let me start off by saying that I have enjoyed my time with the A6300 over the last month immensely. I talk about my annoyances with its size, and some (in my opinion) design flaws that Sony failed to address, but when push comes to shove, I would be very happy to have an A6300 in my bag wherever I am going.
For their next round of upgrades, I would love for Sony to consider increasing the size a bit. I have already stated my case above, but I really do think that the usability improvements from it would make it well worth it (and still very compact). While I am on the subject of future improvements, some other things that would be nice include a touchscreen (with touch AF capability), an improved LCD tilt mechanism, and bigger or better batteries.

Jeff Orig sent me this:This is a rolling shutter comparison between the Sony A6300 vs the Sony A7s vs the Canon 5D Mark iii.  In my opinion, it is a little bit more real world than other tests I have seen.
Some Sony lenses have the focus hold button on the side. It can unlock special features.  You can lock focus and much more with this button including programming it for anything else as a custom button.
This is a quick video on how I set my custom buttons and function menu on the Sony A7S ii. If you have different ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Sony A6300 store links: [shopcountry 47396].

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