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24 hours from Sony’s DDAY! A message to all of you!


Dear readers,

On October 20 2010 I posted the first correct rumor about the A77 saying it would be translucent and feature a new 24 Megapixel sensor. And now finally we can see the real camera in less than 24 hours!

Live on SAR tomorrow:
Tomorrow morning (at around 6-7-8am London time) you can follow the announcement on SonyAlphaRumors. Here are some things you should know:
1) If for some reasons the website will crash I will post all news on ….yes even if the A77 is not an Mirrorless camera :)
2) As you know I will sum up all news, reviews image samples and so on in a single article which will be continually updated. But pleas do not reload the page every single minute. be a bit patient. Help me to not make crash this website!
3) Feel free to help me by sending the links to interesting news and reviews you can find on your web! Please always send me the links to the original source and nto the text only! Thanks!

Apology: I confess the last days have been very busy for me. I am quite exhausted because I really had to watch for news every hour and it was hard to work on my real job and on SAR contemporaneously. That’s why I need to apologize for…
1) not answering all your emails
2) not having time to follow some of the discussions on SonyAlphaRumors
3) my more than usual poor written English (As you know I never learned English)

Thanks: The most exciting and surprising experience I had were not the Sony leaks, but the many many people from all over the world that helped me by sending news and rumors, links to articles, reviews and images. During the last weeks I have been in touch with so many nice people that I really have been overwhelmed by so much help! I guess the real value of this website are the network of people that it has created allowing SAR readers to get quick news and rumors about Sony stuff. That’s why I send a BIG HUG to all those that were so kind to be part of that adventure. And that positive feeling makes me want to keep working on that website for a long time! Thanks!!!

One more thing: The future rumors: The same sources that gave me correct info about all the new Sony cameras are already sending me bits of info about the next DDAY in 2012. The event will be important for everyone seeking full frame cameras and lenses. And that will be the new rumor adventure we will have to go the next months. As I said, there are at least three new FF cameras coming and the new lens quantity is much bigger!

Andrea (exhausted but happy)

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