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(SR5) And here are new A65 pictures



You can’t rest for a moment in these days! The dpreview forum user named Stratross posted a set of A65 pictures. Are those leaks real? Of course! As usual click on the image to enlarge the size!


As you know the A65 shares the same 24 Megapixel sensor of the A77. The only differences are:
A77 has 19 point AF system with 11 cross sensors while the A65 has only 3 cross sensors.
A77 can do 12 fps while the A65 can do 10fps.
A77 has new 3 way tilting LCD, A65 has “classic” tilting LCD
A77 can do 50 ISO while A65 can not.
The A77 has a magnesium body while the A65 has not.
The A77 has 1/8000 shutter while A65 has a 1/4000 shutter
The A77 has a top LCD screen while the A65 has it not.
The A77 is Dust and Moisture proof while the A65 is not

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