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Sony on the verge to conquer the FF market? 95% of SAR readers like the A7m2. The Sony A9 will be terrific!


Sony Alpha a7II  (Body Only) for $1,698 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Adorama (Click here), SonyStore (Click here).
Sony Alpha a7II  with FE 28-70mm OSS Lens for $1,998 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Adorama (Click here), SonyStore (Click here).
Sony 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G SSM II Lens for $1,148 at BHphoto (Click here).

Excuses in advance: Sorry for my poor english. I speak German, Spanish and Italian and never properly learned English. On a longer text my poor English really shows my limitations :)

Yesterday we got that game changing new A7M2 camera. I call it game changing because for the first time in the camera history Full Frame lenses like the [shoplink 30855 ebay]Leica M[/shoplink], [shoplink 30856 ebay]Zeiss ZM[/shoplink], [shoplink 30857 ebay]Konica Hexanon[/shoplink], [shoplink 30858 ebay]Olympus OM[/shoplink] and more get a full 4.5 stabilization. It’s also a unique feature that Nikon and Canon cannot offer. It could become a strong reason for Canon/Nikon owners to switch over to Sony.

And the best time is still ahead of us with the Sony A9 launch coming soon! Here are a couple of thoughts about why Sony is on the verge to possibly conquer some major market shares of the Canon/Nikon dominated Full Frame camera market:

1) The double Sony “Miracle”:
For the second time Sony did what on forums most people said to be “impossible”:
The first time:  Many said a Full Frame  sensor would not fit on the E-mount. And Sony made the “impossible” possible.
And then the A7m2: The past 12 months people said adding image stabilization on FF E-mount would be impossible because there is not enough space. Well with the Sony A7II we not only got the on sensor image stabilization, but actually the best possible 5axis image stabilization on market along the one used by the Olympus E-M1!

The point is: Sony has proven ey willing to explore any possible tech to succeed on the Full Frame market. Can Canon and Nikon keep up with that level of innovation? We on SAR already hinted that 8K and 50MP FF sensors are coming in a not so distant future. Particularly Nikon will have a hard time to fight back on the sensor and video features front…

2) 5 axis stabilization on ALL Sony and third party lenses.
The Sony A7m2 uses the worldwide first 5 axis stabilization on a Full Frame camera. And the camera “rumored” price is less than $1800. Now it will be possible to use all kind of possible third party lenses with in body image stabilization. Your Leica M lens is stabilized, your Konic Hexanon is stabilized…what a fantastic world for third party lens owners!

The point is: Canon and Nikon do not offer stabilization on their fast primes. While suddenly overnight Sony offers that stabilization on all lenses including fast primes. It’s the first time there is some sort of unique Sony advantage on the lens front. Now Sony has to bring ton of lenses as soon as they can to really satisfy the “basic” customers needs.

Sony A9 is going to be terrific:
The A7m2 has been launched 2 months after Photokina with a small announcement in Japan only. Sony sees that camera as a minor upgrade to the A7 although…honestly…the 5 axis stabilization addition is quite a MAJOR change in the industry! And Sony also proved they are listening to customers by adding XAVC-S, changing the shutter button location and making many subtle changes requested by A7 owners.
In two months from now we will get what will be the first real PRO Sony FE mount camera, the Sony A9. It will feature all the most advanced tech: Improved Sony A6000 hybrid autofocus, 4K recording (internally likely), 5 axis stabilization, from ground up newly designed sensor. I am not lying to you. I sold the A7r last week to a friend of mine and will buy the A9. It’s going to be a terrific camera!

SAR poll five year history record: It’s the first time a Sony camera gets over 95% of “likes” here on SAR:
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Tell me if you agree or not agree with my thoughts here. And stay tuned on SAR because the party just started :)

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Sony A7m2:
Worldwide only preorder is at Amazon Japan.
Full spec list and videos on SAR.
Full english A7m2 features list on SAR.
Image samples here on
Real life Images of the A7m2 on SAR.

Triple A-mount lens release:
70-300mm II official release not on SAR.
First images of the 24-70mm II and 16-35mm II A-mount lens son SAR.

A-mount A77M2 firmware:
Coming in December with two great new features (here on SAR).

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