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A fake A6700 spec list is going around the web


I got this image last week but I didn’t post it because I know with 100% certainty this is fake. But some sites posted exactly theses specs and readers asked my opinion on this. So here is my opinion: It is fake as you can see from the image showing the FF sensor inside the body. Moreover I know the source of this image and I know it has a long history of sharing such fake spec lists.

The only 80% reliable info I got so far is that the new APS-C High End camera will be Sony’s next announcement (and before the A7sIII). And it will have the EVF in the center and NOT be the A6500 successor but a new kind of model. It’s unclear when it will be announced although one single and usually reliable source told me he heard Sony has one more announcement before Christmas. But I got no other confirmation to back this up and it might be that this one source may be mislead by Sony…


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