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A weird Sony Uk Twitter answer says “We have no A-mounts planned”.



From experience I know that you don’t have to take official Sony social messages as a holy grail. It happened in the past that they made incorrect statements. That said it’s worrying that they release messages like this on from Sony UK (Source: Twitter and also on Facebook). Asked if A-mount camera development is dead they answered:

We have no A-mounts planned. We recommend our A7 range. E-mount but with an adapter (LA-EA4, LA-EA3), A-mount lenses can be used.

That certainly doesn’t create any confidence at all in A-mount. I beg Sony to finally make a clear PRO A-mount statement. Or if they plan to “fade out” A-mount just give current A-mount owners a plan to switch. Like a free A7 camera in exchange of their used A-mount camera. But I know they will not do that :(

Thanks Matthew for sharing this!

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