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A7-A7r teaser at Sony Japan. More rumor tidbits…


Important note: The camera shown on the teaser is not the A7/A7r!!!! It’s just to show that the DSLR world will be wiped away by the new FF E-mount cameras…lol :)

Many were so focused on the leaked A/ image that they missed to read my link to the Sony Japan teaser (Click here) and Sony China (Click here). The Sony Japan teaser says something like: “After we threw away a fixed idea of cameras (What cameras should be.), we can now see a new possibilities of the cameras.“…”The camera which no one has ever invented, new alpha, will be coming soon“. And the announcement date is (as rumored) this Wednesday October 16. be sure to be online on SonyAlphaRumors at around 5-6 am London time to follow the event live!

I got more tibits from anonymous sources (I guess most of what they write is right but I would not rank it as SR5 for now):
Source_1: The A7 and A7r do use the same E-M1 viewfinder which means 2,4million dots and a very high level of accuracy and no lag.
Source_2: A7/A7r will be using SD cards and NEX battery. Grip bigger than the current NEX 7 dunno good or bad. 7R to be more solid than 7 if you have hold them both not by looking at it from visual. U wont be able to add on shutter release accessories like the RX1 because it does not have the screw on

Thanks to all sources for your great help! We still don’t have the full camera specs. If you want you can share them via the anonymous contact form on the right border of this site or send me a message at Thanks again!

Note: There are many fake images on the web. if I do not post them here it is because there are fakes. I will post only real images (if I see them on www).

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