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(SR5) First low resolution image of the Sony A7 mirrorles Full Frame!


This is the first image from the new Sony A7 mirrorless E-mount Full Frame camera! It’s a low-resolution image but 100% real. All sources that saw the camera say that the A7-A7r cameras are built like a Tank. They also were surprised by the design but almost all of them will end buying it because they quite liked the camera after a couple of minutes of testing and holding :)

Most of my sources do believe that these are game changing cameras. And yes, the lens offering is very limited (and expensive) but Sony plans to introduce many more lenses during the next 12 months.

The A7 24MP and A7r 36MP cameras will be announced this week on October 16. Be sure to be online at 5-6 am London time on I will follow the event live and link you continually to first tests, reviews, image samples, videos and preorder links (so that you can be the first to get the cameras).

One more thing: I still have no video specs but I have been told that the cameras are very good in video and have some improved features.

UPDATE: There is a teaser from Sony Japan for a camera launch on October 16. It says: “We stopped thinking about the way that the camera should be, then we started to see a new way of the camera. A camera, no one ever made
Some more rumor tidbits I got today:

1) On someone reported this: “Just got info from a source. Launching with crappy 28-70 non 2.8 lens. AU1999 and AU2499 body only. 3 prime lenses to be released later. Heres the kicker. Initial promo offers a free mount adaptor for either Canon, Nikon or Leica. Personally i think the camera looks kinda ugly, but im sure it will ahake up the market.

2) Nuno sent me an email message from a drones company in new Zealand: “In Dec 2013.  Sony will be releasing a Full Frame NEX Series Camera at 40 Megapixels.  Hawkeye uses Sony direct to conduct modifications of NEX series sensors to reduce weight, reduce battery consumption and direct triggering from our autopilot.


Curiosity: 63% of you didn’t like the design of the camera when they saw that sketch. Even if the leaked image is of low resolution I already heard that people likes it more now. So let’s make the question again:

Would you buy the 50mm f/1.2 GM lens?

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
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SR5=almost certainly correct!

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