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A7r in Stock at BHphoto. And the big Sony A7 and A7r reviews roundup (They are cameras of the year at ePhotozine and Imaging Resource).


Moisture resistance Sony ILC-E A7

For US readers: The A7r is in Stock for the first time at BHphoto (Click here). And it is also in Stock at Samys (Click here), Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), [shoplink 23364 ebay]Adorama eBay (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 23363 ebay]Bestbuy eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

Big A7-A7r news roundup: I have to catch up with links to many new A7-A7r tests and many SAR readers mails. Enjoy!

The A7r is Imaging Resources camera of the year.
Sony A7 is the camera of the year at ePhotozine.
Some images taken with the a7r. Two are stitched using a Rhinocam on 4×5 Arca Swiss (
Image circle: removing the rear plastic shield on your Sony 35mm f1.8 OSS e-mount lens (Mike Kobal).
Sony A7 VS Sony Nex-6 – Raw Quality High ISO Lab Testing w/ 100% Crops (SonyAlphaLab).
Even Ken Rockwell likes the A7!
Sony A7, the new Leica CL? (Chad Wadsworth).
Sony LA-EA4 tested by Ken Rockwell.

Pascal:I tested low and high iso noise & noise reduction with long exposures. Also vibrations and a sidenote on coma (largely absent) in the Sonnar Lens.” And: “there is a reflection problem with the A7r / Sonnar 35/2.8 ZA that produces spots around bright lights. It isn’t the bullseye colour shift reported by Leica Boss but something else. I wrote a quick piece here about it :

Alik:I ran a few more tests on the Sony Zeiss Sonnar 35mm lens. I’ve noticed the vignetting is pretty bad at f2.8 and gets better by 5.6 but never fully clears up, even at f/11. I also ran a color test to see if I could get the same color shifts that Leica Boss was getting. I did, but mine wasn’t as bad as his. I am using LR3 RC which possibly could have something to do with it.The reality? I cannot see my lens giving me color shifts unless I blast both saturation and vibrance to the max. Which nobody does. This lens is great, well worth the $800 USD and is razor sharp. Not sure why I see so many complaints about it.

Mark:When the rumor that Sony was going to come out with a FF mirrorless inter-changeable lens system, i was sold from day one. I got my A7 about a week ago and I absolutely love it! My style of shooting is much more deliberate and considered so the fact that the camera’s AF didn’t perform like a pro sports DSLR did not bother me at all. Also, contrary to what some others have said, I love the hearty sound of the shutter – again, it suits my shooting tastes.
On a recent rainy day, I took it out for a ‘test drive.’ I used the FE 35mm f/2.8 Zeiss and shot in jpegs only. Any vignetting was put in later in post processing.
Here are my test shots:

Alex:I have been testing the camera with canon TSE lens and controlling the camera from an iPad mini in the sony remote software. Works very well. here are some test photos from NYC

Horshack:A user on dpreview posted samples from his A7R and Canon 70-200mm image-stabilized lens which shows a pronounced blur issue when IS is enabled for certain shutter speeds. He also showed images from the same lens on his NEX-7 which does not show the issue. I tried the test myself and reproduced his results unfortunately.
His post and images can be found here:
And my results in the same thread:
To work around this issue I think Sony will need to implement an anti-shock delay function on the camera, similar to what the MFT cameras have done (they have the same issue of no electronic first shutter curtain causing vibration feeding into the IS system). This delay would be applied after closing the curtain before the start of an exposure. I’m hoping you can post these results as a story on your site to give it visibility to others and Sony.

Anonymous:just saw an interesting article in a Chinese forum (, lots of good pictures from Las Vegas taken with A7R and many Canon lenses (14, ts-e17…) converted with Metabones plus some reviews –

E.J.:The big weakness of the A7/A7R is the short battery life. Sony doesn’t supply a stand alone charge, just a small charger that you plug the battery into. At least here in the USA, that charge only has a 0.5A charge current which results in the battery taking about 4 hours to fully charge. however the NP-FW50 battery has a charge current spec of 1.02A so it could be charged in half the time. If you have an iPhone, the small iPhone charger is 1.0A – you just plug the Sony micro-USB cable that came with the camera into the iPhone charger. Many other Micro-USB chargers are also 1.0 amp (you have to read the fine print on the Output current). However you can not use an iPad charger as this charger supplies ore than 2A. I just wanted to let you know that you can cut the charge time in half safely. Please feel free to let the readership know.
I am an Electrical Engineer by training and spent 27 years in the semiconductor industry.

Anonymous:Note that Really Right Stuff is now taking pre-orders for Sony A7/A7R mounting plates and L plates:

Steve:Im a Canon User vor over 20 Years, but these pics from the Sony A7 are the best ife seen in my life. Outstanding, Amazing! I´m breathles. See the sheeps on bottom of page 2 AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William:This is not my site!  But this guy has some very nice images done with the A7r and some commentary:


Specs and Preorders in US and Canada:
Dedicated Sony announcement page at Amazon US (Click here).
Sony A7r body at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS. TheCameraStore Canada.
Sony A7 body at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS. TheCameraStore Canada.
Sony A7 with 28-70mm kit lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS. TheCameraStore Canada.
Sony RX10 at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS.
Zeiss 24-70mm at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS.
Zeiss 35mm at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS.
Zeiss 55mm at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS.
70-200mm A-mount at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS.
Sony A-Mount to E-Mount Lens Adapter at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto.
Sony A to E adapter with mirror at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto.
A7/A7r leather case at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, SonystoreUS.
A7/A7r vertical grip at Amazon, BHphoto, SonystoreUS.
Sony W Series Battery Charger at Amazon, BHphoto.
Sony FA-CS1M Off-Camera Shoe at BHphoto.
Semi-Hard LCD Screen Protector for A7-A7r at Amazon, BHphoto.

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