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AI trickery: How to take a realistic portrait with a Sony A1 and 50mm f/1.2 GM lens…without to actually use the gear!


AI created portrait of a young women that doesn’t exist (Sony 50mm f/1.2 GM lens setting).


I remember the days when digital photography was born. The voice was strong of those photographers who said digital isn’t real photography. It was a lost battle and nowadays it has become the absolute standard for photographic work.
Quickly after the days of Digital editing came: Photoshop filters, Topaz AI filters and Luminar…and again the voice was strong of those (now digital) photographers saying that this was the same as “cheating”. Nevertheless now it has become common to edit your images so much that the final photo is completely different from the original you took.

The AI revolution:

Now I am getting a lot of negative critic for even talking about the next AI revolution…which actually in my opinion is a simple “evolution” from what we already saw coming in the past years. In my heart I am still a medium format photographer, and my soul doesn’t love anything digital. This is why I created my analog Cube camera project (read about it here). But I am aware the world doesn’t care about my opinion or my ethical view about photography. The choice for me is simple: Ignore the current trends and rant on what’s about to happen, or open my mind about anything new and try to understand if I can still use it in a way that it fulfills my artistic goals.

Why does this matter for us Sony shooters?

  • We photographers want to know how good (or bad) this shit is or not?
  • You can use your real photos and modify them with AI
  • It might kills some of the classic photography business (like Stock photography) but it also might open NEW Business opportunities!
  • It might be able to emulate the style of some Sony gear (Camera colors, Lens bokeh and so forth)

What this video is about:

On my quest to understand the new AI tools I tried to answer this simple question: Can AI give me a portrait image that looks like it has been shot on a Sony 50mm f/1.2 GM lens? Here is what I found out:

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