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Highly interesting: Sony publishes Sony Alpha Report: Focus on E-mount ecosystem.


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Our reader Joe (Thanks!) sent us the link to the newly published detailed Sony electronics presentation: Here are the key info:

1) Sony is selling less fixed lens cameras but selling more system cameras and high end fixed lens cameras
2) The earnings volume is slightly dropping but the profit is growing
3) Sony forecasts an increase of both Interchangeable camera and lens sales.

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4) Focus is on premium products. Expansion of the professional camera product lineup (Alpha Cameras and Lenses and premium fixed lens cameras).
5) Apply high-end tech in consumer models
6) Establish an Ecosystem of strong differentiated products centered around the Alpha System

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7) Focus on 4K, High Frame rate and wide color Gamut technology

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8) there will be 20 FE lenses by early 2016
9) One of the competitive advantages of the Alpha Lenses is word’s highest resolution. Editor’s note: Sounds like they are ready for the 50+MP camera :)
10) Reading all files it’s clear that Sony will focus on “Alpha” system in the sense of E-mount and not A-mount (that’s my interpretation).
11) Sony has 60% of the mirrorless system camera market.

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In Summary: Sony will push the E-mount system, launch plenty of high end products (A7 and maybe a future A9 series) with world leading innovations. Focus is on High resolution, High ISO, High Speed and 4K technologies. Also likely to be pushed is the RX system while there is no word in those documents what’s going to happen with A-mount.

What are you first impressions about Sony’s strategy?


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