Also Sony is working on new organic sensor tech…

Image by Fujifilm.

Today Fuji announced the X-M1 (fulls pecs and price at Amazon, news and reviews on MirrorlessRumors). Fuji is becoming a serious competitor in the mirrorless world and now offers a wide range of cameras (the X-M1 is their first entry-mid level camera).

Also on the sensor front they promised quite some innovations: Two weeks ago Panasonic and Fuji (Source: Fujifilm) unveiled the new organic sensor tech that in theory allows doubles the dynamic range of the current best sensor Sony 36 megapixel sensor used by the Nikon D800 (Source: Adorama). The Sony sensor has 15.3 EV while the new Fuji-Panasonic sensor achieves a theoretical result of 29.2 EV.

But as reported prevails on SAR also Sony is working on the same tech. And Egami just spot a brand new Sony patent describing the organic sensor design. And the new Fuji-Panasonic sensor is expect to hit the market in 2015 only. I believe that by then also Sony’s organic sensor will be ready for mass production.