More detailed RX1 image analysis (and poll)


I am quite busy at work today but I found a bit of time to check the Sony RX1 pictures posted today by Sony. And I liked them at all. Here are just some early thoughts:
Image at ISO 100 and ideal f/5.6 aperture (Click here):
On that picture taken at the ideal aperture you can check the edge to edge sharpness of the lens. I see only a little sharpness loss on the edges of the frame but I guess we would have seen a sharper image with f/8.0 aperture. Overall this is a very Zeiss alike sharpness rendering!
Image at ISO 1.600 and f/5.6 (Click here):
This image has been taken at ISO 1.600. This is usually the top ISO limit in real daily use. You will not go above that considering the f/2.0 lens aperture. Noise is a little visible in dark areas but it’s very harmonic and not disturbing at all.
Image at ISO 100 and f/5.6 (Click here):
Pictures of clouds. Almost ideal to see how the camera renders the dynamic range, particularly the white highlights.
Image at ISO 100 f/2.0 and macro (Click here):
The bokeh is extremely smooth and beautiful. And just look at that nice sharp detail!
Image at ISO 6400 (Click here):
As I told you before you will you want shoot at 6.400 very often. Noise is very visible but again, no fancy pattern or chrome noise. It’s definitely a surprise to see such a result on a Sony JPG sample.

And now……

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