And here it comes the RX100 Hasselblad sketch!


Image courtesy: DIGIFOTO Pro

No joke guys! Hasselblad will also do their own “interpretation” of the successful Sony RX100 camera! This sketch has been found by the dutch friends from DIGIFOTO Pro (Translation here). Peter Stig-Nielsen form Hasselblad confirmed to Digitfotopro that the 18-55mm and two other Sony NEX-lenses wil be re-branded as Hasselblad. On the stand were some Lunars equipped with 18-200mm and 16mm’s, without Sony logo, and not with other Sony E-lenses. Looks like they are going to rebrand those three lenses. Peter didn’t say anything about Hasselblad glass.

One more news: Hasselblad’s new business development manager, Luca Alessandrini will give an interview to Paul Genge at today at 20h (19h london time)

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