Announced: The yet tiniest third party FF lens for your A7/s/r camera!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-30 um 16.24.47

The eccentric Japanese Lens designer Mr. Miyazaki just released the new MS-Optical Perar 21 mm f/4,5 MC Super Wide Triplet lens. And the extraordinary thing of the lens is that it is only 5,2mm thick and weights 42g! It’s smaller than the M to E-mount adapter you will have to use on your E-mount camera. This makes it likely the smallest and lightest third-party Full Frame(!) lens you can use on your A7 cameras. Instead of using a cap on your camera you can simply put that lens on it and the camera will be always “ready” for a quick shot.

You can see the very first image samples and buy the lens at BreguetCamera on eBay (Click here).

This is the third Perar lens from Mr. Miyazaki. The other two are the slightly thicker 24mm (here on eBay) and 28mm (here on eBay) lenses.

Images via Japancamerahunter. Found via Mirrorlessrumors.