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At the world cup Photographers used mostly Canon/Nikon mirrorless cameras


Lots of Canon cameras, but some Nikon and Sony shooters too, in this sideline shot showing pros at work during Argentina’s World Cup semifinal match against Croatia (Image credit: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Digitalcameraworld made the following observation:

The DSLR has, of course, reigned supreme in sports photography for decades, but for the first time I could see quite a lot of mirrorless cameras in action.

More of a surprise though,  is just how quickly Canon and Nikon have got up to speed despite being late to the mirrorless party as far as having credible systems was concerned. That both now have true pro-level bodies backed by all the required lenses – including supertelephotos – means that their dominance of the pro camera market will continue. 

Yes, Sony has made some inroads – and Fujifilm to a lesser extent – but the brand-loyalty bond has been hard to break and it’s probably well-nigh impossible now. Both companies will keep building on what they’ve achieved so far… Canon with the aforementioned EOS R1 and Nikon with the Z 8 – the most likely model number for the Z 9’s support act. 

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